Cost of Attendance

Students in the Notre Dame London Law Program pay the same tuition and fees as students at Notre Dame Law School's main campus in South Bend, Indiana. However, it is expected that students studying in London will spend more on transportation and housing.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Notre Dame London Law Program is not being offered for the 2020-21 academic year. To give prospective students an idea of the cost difference associated with studying in London, the table below shows the program's cost of attendance for the full 2019-20 academic year. Students have the option of enrolling in the London Law Program for one semester instead of the full academic year.

  Main Campus London Campus Cost Difference
Tuition $60,240 $60,240  
Fees $490 $490  
Room and Board $10,300 $16,650 $6,350
Books and Supplies $1,750 $1,750  
Personal Expenses $3,610 $4,110 $500
Health Insurance $2,540 $2,765 $225
Transportation $2,700 $4,450 $1,750
Total $81,630 $90,455 $8,825

Actual costs vary based on housing accommodations, travel costs, and personal expenses. Annual increases in the cost of a Notre Dame education are anticipated. Click here for more information about cost of attendance.