London Law Program

Notre Dame Law School established the London Law Program in 1968 to provide students with opportunities to deepen their understanding of the roots of American law, explore international career opportunities, and broaden their perspectives.

Students have the option of studying for a semester or a full academic year at Notre Dame's London Global Gateway near Trafalgar Square.

The London Law Program is the oldest study-abroad program run by an American law school and the only year-long overseas program approved by the American Bar Association. All courses and instruction conform to the standards of the ABA and the Association of American Law Schools.

Michael Addo is the Notre Dame London Law Program's director.

London Resources for Current Students

Big Ben Wlions 1A view of Big Ben from Trafalgar Square.

Why Study in London?

One of the reasons law students benefit from studying in London is that English law is the basis for American law. Therefore, understanding the common law of England is helpful when trying to understand the origins and trajectory of American law. The English system is also the mother of legal systems used in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, and other nations of the former British Commonwealth.

A second reason is that students who study in London appreciate the increasingly global aspects of practicing law. Every lawyer needs to be conscious of how a problem in domestic relations, intellectual property, or crime can involve an international dimension.

Read about students' visit to the United Nations in Geneva, where they interacted with UN officials and analyzed human rights reports.

London as a Classroom

Courses in the London Law Program are taught by a mix of faculty from the United Kingdom, the United States, and other parts of the world. In most cases, a comparative law element from another foreign system is added to the instruction so students can examine American law through different cultural and legal viewpoints.

Bucksfast 1

The London location also enables faculty to take their teaching out of the classroom to bring legal principles to life. Rather than just talk about legal theory, students can visit places such as the British Museum to view important historical items that influenced law.

Read about students' visit to Buckfast Abbey, where their activities took them off the beaten track, both literally and figuratively.

Additionally, students can earn academic credit and explore the London legal market through externships with practicing attorneys, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Notre Dame London Law at 50

The Notre Dame London Law Program was born when 20 students spent the 1968-69 academic year in London. The Law School and Notre Dame International celebrated the program's 50th year in 2018. Read more about the anniversary at

Trafalgarsquare Night 2An aerial view of Trafalgar Square and the London skyline at night.