Programs of Study

The Law School provides eight programs of study for students who wish to concentrate on particular legal fields and problems. These programs enable students to study established and emerging areas of law in light of modern challenges and developments.

Business Law

The study of law pertaining to business transactions.

Criminal Law

The study of promoting justice through criminal prosecution and defense.

Energy & Environmental Law

The law of natural resource use and protection — from water to oil and gas to climate change.

Global Law

The study of public and private international and comparative law.

Intellectual Property & Technology Law

The study of protection and use of intangible resources.

Law, Ethics & Public Policy

The study of law's foundations and moral purposes.

Public Law

Exploring constitutional governance, in national and global context.

Real Estate Law

The study of real property, including development, finance, land use, and transactions.

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Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a core component of the Notre Dame Law School curriculum. Experiential programs complement the analytical training of the traditional classroom. Hands-on learning allows students to develop practical skills, to explore potential career paths, to reflect on their professional identity, and to observe how the justice system functions. NDLS offers a wide range of opportunities for students to learn by doing, both in the classroom and beyond.

International Studies

While the world’s borders are shrinking, the need for lawyers dedicated to global concerns is continuing to grow. At Notre Dame you will have every opportunity to study abroad in places such as Chile, China, London, and Italy. For those with a passion for improving conditions around the world, Notre Dame's Klau Center for Civil and Human Rights is founded on a belief in the worth and dignity of every human being. With international human rights law as your foundation, you can become equipped with the legal knowledge and skills needed to impact lives, and create real change.


Notre Dame Law School is home to six academic journals. It's an honor to serve on the staff of these publications, which publish work from leading legal minds across the nation.

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