Galilee 2019

With the help of a faculty member and student mentors who have previously participated in Galilee, students form small groups, choose a city to visit, research legal organizations in that city, and then design a three- or four-day immersion to be conducted over the Christmas break. Students meet with public defenders and prosecutors, legal aid attorneys, private firm attorneys engaged in pro bono work, judges, public policy advocates, and governmental law agencies, among others. Students also perform a service project.

Galilee offers many benefits to students. It exposes them to a wide range of legal practice areas and helps them to find their unique calling in the law. It allows them to explore the legal market in a city of their choice and to connect with Notre Dame alumni in that city. Consistent with Notre Dame’s mission of educating a different kind of lawyer, Galilee helps students explore how to incorporate public interest work into their legal careers, whether through full-time jobs or through pro bono work while working in a private law firm.

"Our Galilee immersion program is an example of what makes Notre Dame unique. To be a 'different kind of lawyer' means to see firsthand what a difference a lawyer can make in communities across our country and around the world. Galilee is intended to shape those serving as much as it touches those served. In the end, our goal is to use law and legal services to help everyone experience the loving, creative presence of God."
— G. Marcus Cole, Joseph A. Matson Dean and Professor of Law