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Earning a law degree is a challenge, and students at any law school are going to spend a lot of time studying as they prepare for the demands of the profession. Notre Dame Law School provides a rigorous legal education, but one of the ways the Law School is different is that it's also a community. The warmth of the Notre Dame community comes through inside and outside the classroom as students compete together on moot court, cheer for the Fighting Irish sports teams, travel in Europe while participating in the London Law Program, or meet with faculty members over lunch in the Law School's living room, Eck Commons.


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"There were plenty of reasons why I chose Notre Dame — the academic reputation, the alumni network, and an emphasis on community." – Luke Franz, '19 J.D.

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Notre Dame is the main reason that people have heard of South Bend, Indiana, but the city and the greater region have much more to offer. South Bend is big enough to provide everything you need without the traffic and high costs of a major metropolitan area. In fact, because of South Bend's relatively low cost of living, Notre Dame Law students are able to enjoy a very nice quality of life during their years here. And, when students do need a taste of a bigger city, Chicago is an easy destination for a day trip.

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"There really is a Notre Dame family, and I'm so happy to be a part of it." - Carol Li ’20 J.D.

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Notre Dame is both Catholic and catholic. When capitalized, the word refers to the Catholic Church and the faith that drives Notre Dame's mission to be a force for good in the world. The lowercase word means universal and refers to the recognition that, to be a great university, Notre Dame must embrace and include people of all backgrounds, faiths, and viewpoints. To sum it up, Notre Dame is a Catholic university — committed to and inspired by its foundation in the Church — and a catholic university that encourages people of all faiths to grow spiritually during their time on campus.

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