Grow Here

Notre Dame is both Catholic and catholic. When capitalized, the word refers to the Catholic Church and the faith that drives Notre Dame's mission to be a force for good in the world. The lowercase word means universal and refers to the recognition that, to be a great university, Notre Dame must embrace and include people of all backgrounds, faiths, and viewpoints. To sum it up, Notre Dame is a Catholic university — committed to and inspired by its foundation in the Church — and a catholic university that encourages people of all faiths to grow spiritually during their time on campus.

The Law School hosts Mass daily in the St. Thomas More Chapel, and everyone is welcome to attend. Campus Ministry provides resources to encourage students’ commitment to their faith, regardless of denomination or faith tradition. 

You'll find the Notre Dame spirit of community outside of the chapel, too, in the camaraderie among students, faculty, and staff. The Commons, which sits above the Law School arch and connects Eck and Biolchini Halls of Law, is a bustling hive of activity for most of the day, with students, faculty and staff all partaking in meals, studying for class, or just relaxing at the tables. 

We also have more than 30 student organizations to meet almost any interest - or you can start your own club, if you don't find something that matches what you want. 

From golf to rock climbing and basketball to cross-country skiing, Notre Dame is a campus filled with recreational opportunities. Whether you're a competitive athlete looking for friendly rivals or an amateur just looking to work out, you'll fit in here. The Duncan Student Center, opened in 2017, offers state-of-the art facilities for many types of exercise.

Each class year is tight-knit, building friendships that are sure to last well beyond your years under the Dome.