Student Organizations

At Notre Dame Law School, if you have an interest, there’s probably a club for it. From Food and Beverage Law Club to the Exoneration Project, The Federalist Society to Future Prosecutors Club, NDLS has more than 30 student clubs to get involved outside of the classroom. 

Name of Organization Advisor Officers
American Civil Liberties Union, Notre Dame Alexandra Levy President Livinus Isioma
Vice President Samuel Brolley 
Secretary Ryan Geary 
American Constitution Society Jay Tidmarsh President Jenae Longenecker
Vice President Allison Lantero
Secretary Livinus Isioma
Director of Communications Isabella Issa
3L Rep Andrew Henderson
3L Rep Kim Vo
2L Lex Miller
Alternative Dispute Resolution Roger Alford President Shadia Ajam
Vice President Sadat Donkor
Secretary Gregory Jenn
Treasurer Wardah Bari
Director of Communications Sophia Aguilar 
Asian Law Students Association Lloyd Mayer President Amy Hong
Vice President Saiful Islam
Treasurer Gaby Mercurio
Secretary Michael Kim
Alumni Chair Caroline Capili
Black Law Students Association Veronica Root Martinez President Naomi Price
Vice President Marquan Robertson
Secretary Eryn Pollard
Treasurer Kathryn Boswell
External Affairs Chair Ijeoma Oti
Community Outreach Chair Becaja Caldwell
Admissions Liaison Samantha Contreras
Academics Chair Silas Altheimer
Mock Trial/Moot Court Chair Melat Kiros
Business Law Forum Julian Velasco President Jonathan McKeegan
Executive Vice President Andraya Flor
Secretary Jasmin Fashmi
Treasurer Emilia Calderon 
Alumni Outreach Coordinators Maria Bandwen and Adam Winkel
Christian Legal Society Bruce Huber President Reid Edwards
Vice President Nichole Kanios
Secretary Micah Allred
Treasurer Evan Wright
Economic Justice Society Judy Fox No officers announced
Education Law Forum Nicole Garnett President Maria Murphy
Vice President Bridget McConville
Director of Higher Education Fr. Matt Kuczora
Director of Private Schools Amanda Walsh
Director of Public Schools Davis Lovvorn
1L Class Representatives Malcolm Coffman, Jensen Rehn
2L Class Representative Ross D’Entremont
Environmental Law Society   President Sydney Imes
Vice President Adriana Santomero
Vice President of Community Service Katherine Cienkus
3L Rep Rose Mooney
Exoneration Project Jimmy Gurulé President Alexa Beining
Vice President of Committees Marley Mullery
Vice President of Programming Jessa Webber
Treasurer/Secretary Monica Maurer
Public Relations Chloe Moreno
Federalist Society Randy Kozel President Allie Howell
Vice President Brandon Winchel
Treasurer Ross D’Entremont
Secretary Matthew Goldammer
Event Coordinator Katelyn Doering
Communications Director Bridget Bush
Membership Coordinator Alexis Flores
Fundraising Chair Colt Marino
Chapter Resource Coordinator Evan Wright
Faculty Networking Coordinator Hailey Hennessey
Alumni Affairs and Professional Development Coordinator Alexa Tipton
Charitable Works Coordinator Sofia Skok
Social Chair Brian Friery
Internal Community Engagement Chair Rachel Phillips
External Community Engagement Chair Ben Horvath
2L Representatives Abigail Allen and Luke Robson
Intellectual Diversity Chair Nicole Fullmer 
Summer Scholarship Program Chair Charles Darantiere
First Generation Julian Velasco President Will Ringhofer
Vice President Nereida Lopez
Treasurer Dylan Greene
Secretary Patrick Giuliani
Alumni Affairs Coordinator Caroline Capili
Director of Recruitment and Retention Ijeoma Oti
Marketing Director Lindsey Trematerra
Comptroller (CFO) Jaylen Amaker
Social Chair Katie Andersen
Food & Beverage Law Club Carter Snead President Gabrielle (Gaby) Mercurio
Vice President Nathan McKeon
Treasurer Adam Winkel
Secretary Stephanie Wong
Future Pros. Attorneys Council Jimmy Gurule President Kathryn (Kat) Pflug
Vice President Kathryn Boswell
Treasurer Katherine Cienkus
Secretary Matthew Goldammer
Health Law Society John Robinson President Catherine Buck
Vice President Internal Casey Li
Vice President External Noah Brown
Secretary Caroline Abbott
Treasurer Alexis Flores
Hispanic Law Student Association Jimmy Gurulé President Christian Palacios 
Advisor Chris Belmarez
Vice President Samantha Contreras
Secretary Jorge Ortiz 
Treasurer Karina Salazar McGuffie
Academic Chair Lauren Vaca 
Social Chair Chloe Moreno
Intellectual Property Law Society Mark McKenna President Benjamin Perry
Vice President Kelvin Ojo
Secretary Eunice Chan
Treasurer Brian O’Gara
Alumni Chair Brittany Von Rueden
Social Media Chair Eunice Chan
International Human Rights Society Paolo Carozza President Khawla Wakkaf 
Vice President Nichole Kanios
Secretary Nicholas Mohr
Treasurer Bernardo Pulido Marquez
International Law Society Roger Alford President Shunsuke Fukuda
Vice President Danielle Lyn
Treasurer Ellen Baker
Secretary Erica Gray
J. Reuben Clark Law Society Christine Venter No leadership listed, currently inactive
Jewish Law Students Society Michael Kirsch No leadership listed, currently inactive
Journal of Intl. & Comp. Law Mary Ellen O’Connell Editor-in-Chief Fon Bisalbutr
Executive Managing Editor Bernardo Pulido Marquez
Executive Articles Editor Daniela Johnson Restrepo
Managing Senior Articles Editor Razi Lane
Executive Production Editor Mustafa Ahmed
Executive Online Editor Catherine Braun
Executive Symposium Chair Abena Amparbeng
Journal of Law, Ethics and Public Policy Carter Snead Editor-in-Chief Emily Mollinedo
Executive Editor Andrew Franklin
Executive Editor Natalie Fulk
Executive Managing Editor Chelsea Spence
Executive Notes Editor Danika Anderson
Executive Symposium Editor Christopher Belmarez
Executive Articles Editor Alex Gonzales
Executive Online Editor Isaac Behnawa
Journal of Legislation Lloyd Mayer Editor-in-Chief Lauren Vaca 
Executive Editor Zachary Johnson 
Executive Articles Editor Summer Desloge 
Executive Notes Editor Justin Maroni 
Executive Legislative Editor Tim Villari 
Journal on Emerging Technologies Bruce Huber Editor-in-Chief May Gunther
Executive Editors Eric Rigoli and Paris Mayfield
Executive Articles & Comments Editor Alexa Beining
Executive Notes Editor Seth Sanders
Executive Managing Editor Nicole Barba
Executive Online Editor John Wright
Jus Vitae (Right to Life) O. Carter Snead President Bridget Rose
Vice President Brendan Besh
Secretary Charles Darantiere
Treasurer Thomas Hellenbrand
Social Chair Aly Cox

LGBT Law Forum

Bob Jones
Jay Tidmarsh
President Kayleigh Verboncoeur
Vice President Nick Santulli
Treasurer Nithya Damodharan/Holly Lanchantin
Secretary Cesar Estrada
Service Chair Emily Dowling
Community Outreach Andrew Franklin
Law Review, Notre Dame Nicole Garnett Editor-in-Chief Zachary Pohlman
Executive Editor Stachia Reuwsaa
Executive Managing Editor Hannah Walsh
Executive Notes Editor Daniel Judge
Executive Articles Editor Hadyn Pettersen
Executive Online Editor Allie Howell
Legal Voices for Children & Youth Nicole Garnett President Lindsey Trematerra
Vice President of Service Melissa Vachon 
Treasurer Anna McGinn
Married Law Students Organization Nicole Garnett Co-President Sam Rodgers
Co-President Melissa Vachon 
Treasurer Ben Perry
Military and Veteran Law Society Joseph Holt President Eric Leis
Vice President Kelley Guerra
Secretary Michael Atkins 
Community Outreach Chair Brian Weskamp
Moot Court Christine Venter President Jim Scales
Vice President Jaemie Paraon
Oralist Selection Chair Vivian Pham 
Brief Writer Selection Chair Caleb Acker 
1L Tournament Chair Rachel Palermo 
Treasurer Katherine Griffits
Showcase Team Representative Alexander Gonzalez
Religious Freedom Tournament Director Natalie Piazza 
ABA Team Representative Rebecca Pronesti 
Jessup Team Representative Nichole Kanios
IP Team Representative Jaemie Paraon
Seventh Circuit Team Representative Daniel Judge
National Lawyers Guild Jennifer Mason-McAward President Geoffrey Cebula
Vice President Patrick Giuliani
Treasurer Kayleigh Verboncoeur
Secretary Cesar Estrada
Native American Law Students Association Richard Garnett No leadership listed, currently inactive
Public Interest Law Forum Jennifer Mason McAward President Patrick Giuliani
Vice President Annika Nielsen-Kim 
Secretary (TBD in Fall)
Treasurer Madeline Callaghan 
Real Estate Law Society Pat Dore President Natasha Gunasekara
Vice President Jenna Wilson
Secretary Joshua Previl
Event Chair Graham Pilotte
Treasurer Andrew Franklin
Alumni Chair Jacqueline Heafey
Saint Thomas More Society Christine Holst-Haley President Brendan Besh
Vice President Abigail Allen
Secretary Tom Hellenbrand
Treasurer Owen Toepfer
Spiritual Chair Dan Loesing
Social Chair Conor Boland
Space Law Society Jeffrey Pojanowski Presidents Matthew Miller/Stephanie Rioux
All other positions to be filled with fall elections
Sports, Communications and Entertainment Law Forum Ed Edmonds President Paige Carey
Vice President – Sports Mackenzie Rastello
Vice President – Ent. Danica Hosaka
Vice President – Comm. Nathanial Hall
Public Relations Charles Pearlman
Student Animal Legal Defense Fund Chris Kozelichki No leadership listed
Student Bar Association   President Keith Ongeri
Vice President Nicole Barba 
Secretary Krystal Moczygemba
Treasurer Stephanie Wong 
ABA Student Representative Victoria Kelley   
ISBA Representative Bradey Wright
3L SBA Representative John Michael Neubert
2L SBA Representative Samanth Contreras 
2L SBA Representative Saif Islam   
Honor Council Prosecutor Nikolai Stigletz 
3L Honor Council Representative Julia Pennington
3L Honor Council Representative Stephanie Rahl   
2L Honor Council Representative Mary Grace Donnelly
2L Honor Council Representative Emma Philbrook 
LL.M. Representative Bernardo Ignacio Pulido Marquez
Diversity & Inclusion Libby Moyer & Nereida Lopez 
Curriculum Committee Evan Shaheen 
Social SIena Carlos 
Community Service Zach Aldridge 
Athletic Chrissy Kennedy
Merchandise Caroline Payne 
CDO Paris Mayfield 
London Liaisons Brandon Beyer 
Undergraduate Liaison Seol Namgoong
Spirit Caitlyn Burns 
Mendoza Liaison Ross D’Entremont 
Transfer Shadia Ajam 
Communications Director Jacqueline Lau 
Professor Series Keith Ongeri 
Spiritual Life Clarissa Wilbur 
Sustainability  Adriana Santomero 
Vis Moot   Coach Shadia Ajam 
Coach Chen Kuang
Women’s Legal Forum Christine Venter Co-President Mary Ellen Kempf
Co-President (President Emerita)  Rachel Palermo
Director of Alumni Relations Meg Dalton
Director of Events Monica Maurer
Director of Service Jacqueline Lau 
Director of Intersectionality and Finance Karina Salazar McGuffie 
Director of Membership and Marketing Chloe Moreno