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Class of 2022 clerkships

More than 23% of ND Law’s 2022 graduates accepted an offer to clerk for a judge, securing a total of 59 clerkships — 49 with federal courts and 10 with state courts. Read more.

2023 Shaffer Fellows

Class of 2023 Shaffer Fellows

Thomas Haracz and Jeanna James, both members of Notre Dame Law School’s Class of 2023, have been awarded Thomas L. Shaffer Public Interest Fellowships. Read more.

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ND Law introduces new changes to LRAP

Earlier this spring, the Law School announced major enhancements to LRAP that will enable the program to support even more J.D. graduates who pursue their callings in public interest law and government. Read more.

Go Anywhere with an ND Law Degree

Notre Dame Law School is truly a national law school. In fact, recent employment data from the American Bar Association suggest that our alumni are more widely dispersed than those from any other law school. The top three states where Notre Dame Law graduates are employed – Illinois, California, and New York – extend from coast to coast. This geographic diversity benefits students as they connect with an alumni network and opportunities that stretch across the map.

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Notre Dame Law School attracts students from all over the United States, and our graduates secure clerkships across a broad swath of the country in federal, state, and local courts.

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Alumni Network

One of the benefits of earning a degree from Notre Dame Law School is that graduates become members of one of the world’s most vibrant alumni communities. Notre Dame Lawyers connect with each other throughout the year at events on campus and through Notre Dame Lawyer Committees that are active in more than 30 major cities across the country. These loyal alumni are eager to assist students and new graduates with networking and mentorship as they start their careers.

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Our Staff

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The Law School’s Career Development Office is staffed with experienced lawyers who are dedicated to helping students achieve their professional goals. From offering one-on-one advising and resume feedback to coordinating interview programs and networking opportunities, the CDO provides a full slate of services to assist students as they advance on their career paths.

Career Support

Support For Public Interest Careers

Notre Dame Law School encourages students to pursue legal careers where they can make important contributions to the world, even if those positions are in fields that pay lower salaries. The Law School offers a generous Loan Repayment Assistance Program and a multitude of fellowships and stipend programs to ensure that financial concerns do not prevent students from entering careers in public interest law and public service.

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