Alumni Network

Notre Dame Lawyers Chicago Event

Notre Dame Lawyers love meeting the Law School’s students and prospective students. Even if you haven’t enrolled at Notre Dame Law School – or even applied yet – you are welcome to connect with alumni at events on campus and throughout the United States.

Visit our alumni page to see a schedule of events and a list of Notre Dame Lawyer Committees. These organizations include any lawyer who has a Notre Dame degree, be it a J.D. from the Law School or another degree from the University.

Alumni assist Notre Dame Law students in many ways.

In a typical year, alumni will participate in more than 350 mock interviews with students in 70 cities to help those students prepare for their job hunts. Alumni also share their expertise and advice by speaking at the Law School, hosting student groups at their practices, and posting job openings with the Law School's Career Development Office.

People here often talk about the Notre Dame community as a family, and students feel that when interacting with alumni.

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