Notre Dame Lawyer Committees

If you don't see a club listed in your area and would like to start one, please use the ND Lawyer Committee Toolkit (link coming soon!). 

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Notre Dame Lawyer Committees in:



Notre Dame Club of Orange County Lawyers Committee

Chris Waidelich
(949) 553-7535
Tony Carucci
(714) 427-7513
Justin Gillett
(949) 721-6322

Notre Dame Club of San Diego Lawyers Committee

Juan C. Castañeda
(858) 225-8670
Monica Willian

For more information on events in San Diego, see the San Diego Lawyers Committee page or the Notre Dame Club of San Diego page

Notre Dame Lawyers Committee of Los Angeles

Aaron C. O’Dell
(213) 626-8484
Dave Scheper
(213) 613-4670

Notre Dame Lawyers Committee of Northern California

San Francisco and Northern California

Walter F. Brown
(415) 773-5995
Lauren Whalen


The Colorado Notre Dame Lawyers Committee (Denver)

Maureen Reidy Witt
(303) 290-1629
Brian E. Bates
(303) 733-3500
Paul W. Hurcomb
(719) 634-5700

District of Columbia

Notre Dame Lawyers Committee of DC

Michael R. Shumaker
(202) 879-4676
Gregory M. Shumaker
(202) 879-3679


Notre Dame Club of Greater Tampa Bay Lawyers Committee 

Elizabeth Scarola
(813) 229-4309
Justin Mayor
(813) 318-5756



Notre Dame Club of Chicago's Attorney Networking Committee

David R. Carlson
(312) 759-1400 ext. 3666
Mike O’Connell
(312) 360-6857

Notre Dame Club of Lake County Lawyers Committee

Bill Hermann
(312) 845-3895 
Honorable Elizabeth Tavitas
(219) 881-6157


Notre Dame Lawyer Committee of Northwest Indiana


Notre Dame Club of Boston Lawyers Committee

Brian Hammell
(617) 338-2462


Notre Dame Club of Maine Lawyers Committee

Jared des Rosiers
(207) 791-1390


Notre Dame Club of Detroit Lawyers Committee

Joseph Shannon
(313) 393-7549
James Boutrous II
(248) 220-1355
Mike Bernard
(313) 393-7549

Notre Dame Club of Grand Rapids Lawyers Committee

Nicholas Curcio
(616) 336-1048
Conor Dugan
(616) 752-2127

Notre Dame Club of Lansing Lawyers Committee


Notre Dame Club of Minneapolis Lawyers Committee

Maureen Watz Gornik
(651) 848-1301
Kathryn Hauff
(612) 632-3261
Patrick Bottini


Notre Dame Club of Kansas City Lawyer Committee

Bruce Baty
(816) 460-2495
Jason Scheiderer
(816) 460-2418

North Carolina

New York

Notre Dame Lawyers of New York City (NDL-NYC)

James S. Carr
(212) 808-7955
Brian J. Alexander
(212) 973-3411
John Murphy
(646) 862-2012


Notre Dame Club of Cincinnati Lawyers Committee

Cory Ingle 
(513) 977-8674 
Beth Schneider Naylor
(513) 651-6726


Notre Dame Club of Oklahoma City Lawyers Committee

Bill Tunnell
(405) 505-7431

Notre Dame Club of Tulsa Lawyers Committee

Tom Biolchini
(918) 582-3311



Notre Dame Club of Pittsburgh Lawyers Committee

Perry Napolitano
(412) 288-7230
Mariah McGrogan
(412) 288-3152

Notre Dame Lawyers Committee for the Philadelphia Region

Richard Beck
(215) 569-2299
John F. Golwacki, Jr.
(215) 640-2406