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The Notre Dame Law Association is open to all attorneys with a Notre Dame degree, whether that degree is from Notre Dame Law School or another University of Notre Dame degree program. Graduates of the Law School are automatically registered as members of the NDLA. Other Notre Dame alumni who want to join the NDLA should contact the Law School’s Alumni Relations Office at 574-631-6891 or lawalum@nd.edu. NDLA members receive regular mailings from the Law School, invitations to events, and access to thousands of Notre Dame lawyers across the country and abroad.

Jim CarrJim Carr '87 J.D. is president of the Notre Dame Law Association.

Dear Fellow Notre Dame Lawyers,

As graduates of Notre Dame Law School, there’s one thing on which we can all agree: Your first time seeing the Golden Dome – with the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary watching over campus and welcoming all visitors – is an awe-inspiring moment. I venture to guess that you can remember the very first occasion you saw the Golden Dome. For me, it was a beautiful June day in 1984, when I made the left-hand turn from Angela Boulevard onto Notre Dame Avenue. It was at that moment my life changed forever. I was visiting Notre Dame Law School, trying to decide which law school to attend. It was that vision and the feeling it inspired that made me confident Notre Dame Law School would be my home for the next three years.

Truly, I could not be more grateful for the caliber of the Notre Dame education, the spirituality that permeated everyday life on campus, and the tremendous support of the Alumni network, all of which I credit for helping me achieve my goal of becoming a successful lawyer.

It’s an honor for me to show my appreciation for Notre Dame Law School and to help the next generation of Notre Dame students through funding a fellowship for future students from Region 10 who want to attend Notre Dame Law School and active membership in the Order of St. Thomas More. I am also proud to have served for six years as the Region 10 representative of the Notre Dame Law Association, which is the principal organization committed to furthering and strengthening the relationships of all Notre Dame lawyers to Notre Dame Law School. With tremendous gratitude, I began a two-year term as president of the Board of Directors of the NDLA in 2017.

Inspired by the warmth and hospitality I felt at Notre Dame from day one, my first initiative as president was to ensure that every student and graduate feels welcome. To that end, I created a Diversity & Inclusion Committee tasked with the following goals:

  • To help Notre Dame Law School attract quality minority law students;
  • To assist these students while in law school to ensure success;
  • To assist these students in obtaining employment upon graduating; and
  • To engage and encourage minority graduates to become more involved in Notre Dame Law School and in mentoring minority law students

Strong legal minds arrive on campus from many different walks of life. For law schools to succeed, they must attract and nurture talent in its multiplicity of forms. A diverse student population leads to a better learning environment and a better understanding of different cultures and perspectives.

Secondly, I am committed to strengthening the Notre Dame community beyond campus and across the country. Thanks to the initiative started by past President Beth Naylor, we have more than 30 Notre Dame Lawyer Committees in various cities, including Cleveland, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, and San Diego, to name few. These organizations, which are open to Notre Dame Law School alumni as well as Notre Dame undergraduate alumni who are lawyers, have a dual purpose:

  • To provide support for all Notre Dame lawyers, whether practicing law, working in the business world, or working in the judiciary; and
  • To provide support for Notre Dame law students and graduates through seminars, community service efforts, networking opportunities and leads for employment

These organizations have energized the Notre Dame alumni network for the good of Notre Dame and its lawyers. I am pleased to have been one of the founding members of Notre Dame Lawyers of New York City, and it is my mission to continue the expansion of these committees to other cities.

I invite you to join me in engaging with the Notre Dame alumni community. We are blessed to have a significant depth, breadth, and diversity of our alumni’s professions, both in the law and outside the law. Our network spans the globe, touching all facets of the law and business, and virtually every industry. The Dean of the Law School, Nell Newton, recently spoke about how important the work of Notre Dame’s alumni is in helping the Law School fulfill its mission of educating “a different kind of lawyer.” You can assist in a number of ways:

  • Become a member of the Order of St. Thomas More. The giving levels start at $500 for the young alumni (graduated within the last 5 years) and go to $25,000+ for the Dean’s Leadership Circle. Donations to the Law School are critical to attract the best faculty, the best students, and to have the best programs in the country.
  • Encourage bright, aspiring students to apply to Notre Dame Law School.
  • Mentor Notre Dame law students during their time at the Law School or, more critically, after they graduate. Recent graduates are eager for help networking and for guidance navigating career paths.
  • Join or start a Notre Dame Lawyer Committee in your area. Click here for more information about Notre Dame Lawyer Committees or contact your NDLA regional representative or the Notre Dame Law alumni program manager, Tammye Raster.
  • Join the NDLA, which is open to all attorneys with a Notre Dame degree, either from the University of Notre Dame or from Notre Dame Law School. All law graduates are automatically members of the NDLA. As an NDLA member, you will receive regular mailings from the Law School, invitations to NDLA events, and access to thousands of Notre Dame lawyers in your area and across the country. To join the NDLA, contact Tammye Raster, the Law School’s alumni program manager, at 574-631-6891, or email the Law School Alumni Relations Office.

In this time of rapid change in the legal marketplace, and increasing competition for the best and the brightest law school applicants, the need for Notre Dame’s strong alumni family has never been greater. Please get involved. On behalf of the NDLABoard, I thank you for your support of Notre Dame Law School.

Go Irish!

Jim Carr '87 J.D.
President, Notre Dame Law Association
Kelley Drye & Warren
Chair & Executive Committee