Housing in London

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Conway Hall

While law students are free to find their own accommodation in London, one popular option is to live in Conway Hall — the University of Notre Dame's residential building.

Conway Hall is ideally located across the street from the Waterloo Train Station, about a 5-minute walk to the River Thames and a 20-minute walk to Notre Dame's academic building, Fischer Hall.

The facility has 43 fully furnished flats. All flats have single bedrooms, and students may choose to live in studio flats on their own or share a flat with colleagues. Conway Hall’s student community is also composed of University of Notre Dame undergraduates.

University of Notre Dame (USA) in England
Conway Hall
51-55 Waterloo Road
London SE1 8TX
United Kingdom

Students apply for housing at Conway Hall once they are accepted to the London Law Program.

Arrival and Departure at Conway Hall

Students staying in Conway Hall typically arrive one day before orientation begins, several days prior to the start of classes. Students should depart within 48 hours of the end of the examination period in their final semester.

Students enrolled in the full-year program may stay in Conway Hall during much of the Christmas and New Year break. However, the building does close entirely for a few days.

Conway Hall has 24-hour reception, so students may arrive at any time, although they are asked to notify the London team of their arrival plans.

It may be possible to arrive earlier or depart later if students wish to stay longer in London. This also includes student interest in staying in Conway Hall over the summer, should the student secure a summer associate position or externship in London. Extra days are on request and subject to room availability, which cannot be guaranteed. Extra days are charged at a daily rate.

Questions should be directed to london@nd.edu.