Private Law Fellows

The following faculty members are fellows of the Program on Private Law.

Professor Paul B. Miller, Director, Notre Dame Program on Private Law

Paul MillerPaul B. Miller

  • Interests: Private Law Theory, Equity, Fiduciary Law, Agency Law, Trust Law, Business and Nonprofit Organizations
  • Miller has founded and continues to organize a number of leading annual conferences in private law. See the events listing on the program's homepage.
  • He is the General Editor (with John Oberdiek) of the series Oxford Private Law Theory for Oxford University Press, including the associated biennial volumes Oxford Studies in Private Law Theory.
  • Miller has authored and edited several important works, including Philosophical Foundations of Fiduciary Law (Oxford University Press, 2014), Contract, Status, and Fiduciary Law (Oxford University Press, 2016), The Oxford Handbook of Fiduciary Law (Oxford University Press, forthcoming) and Civil Wrongs and Justice in Private Law (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).

Professor Matthew Barrett

Barrett Matt 07 WebMatthew Barrett

  • Interests: Business and Nonprofit Organizations, Accounting
  • He has written extensively on topics in his field, including Accounting for Lawyers  (Foundation Press 5th ed. 2015) (with David R. Herwitz), The SEC and Accounting, In Part Through the Eyes of Pacioli, 80 Notre Dame Law Rev. 837–92 (2005), Agency Authority in LLC Statutes (Part I): Uniformity and Peculiarity, 4 The Journal of Limited Liability Companies 139-46 (1998), and Agency Authority in LLC Statutes (Part II): Hypothetical Situations and Practical Suggestions, 5 The Journal of Limited Liability Companies 11-17 (1998).

Professor Sadie Blanchard

Blanchard Sadie 08162018Sadie Blanchard

Professor Samuel L. Bray

Samuel BraySamuel L. Bray

Professor Patrick Corrigan

Patrick CorriganPatrick Corrigan

Professor Nicole Stelle Garnett

Nicole Stelle GarnettNicole Stelle Garnett

Professor Daniel Kelly

Dan KellyDaniel Kelly

  • Interests: Law and Economics of Property, Trusts, and Remedies
  • Kelly is an Associate Reporter for the American Law Institute’s Restatement (Fourth) of Property.
  • He is currently editing The Oxford Handbook of the New Private Law (with Andrew Gold, John Goldberg, Emily Sherwin, and Henry Smith) for Oxford University Press.
  • Kelly has authored several important works, including The Right to Include 63 Emory Law Journal 857 (2014), Restricting Testamentary Freedom: Ex Ante Versus Ex Post Justifications 82 Fordham Law Review 1125 (2013), and Strategic Spillovers 111 Columbia Law Review 1641 (2011).

Professor Jeffrey Pojanowski

Jeff PojanowskiJeffrey Pojanowski

  • Interests: Tort Law and Theory, and Philosophy of Common Law
  • Pojanowski has recently co-taught (with John Goldberg) the respected Private Law Workshop course while serving as a Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School.
  • He has written extensively on tort law and the nature of the common law, including Reading Statutes in the Common Law Tradition 101 Virginia Law Review 1357 (2015), Private Law in the Gaps 82 Fordham Law Review 1689 (2014), and Statutes in Common Law Courts 91 Texas Law Review 479 (2013).

Professor Veronica Root Martinez

Veronica RootVeronica Root

Professor Julian Velasco

Julian VelascoJulian Velasco

Professor David P. Waddilove

David P. WaddiloveDavid P. Waddilove

Professor Stephen Yelderman

Stephen YeldermanStephen Yelderman