Program on Law & Market Behavior

Director: Avishalom Tor

The Research Program on Law and Market Behavior at Notre Dame Law School (ND LAMB) is dedicated to promoting foundational research about a range of timely legal and policy issues at the intersection of law and market behavior. ND LAMB produces original research; organizes conferences, symposia, and workshops; invites distinguished speakers and visiting scholars; provides targeted research support to its Faculty Fellows; and engages in active collaborations with relevant programs and institutes worldwide.


ND LAMB recognizes that the real-world interactions among individuals, organizations, and regulatory institutions raise complex legal challenges across numerous interrelated legal fields. To study these challenges, the Program’s activities address research and policy questions in areas ranging from regulation and antitrust, through corporate governance, to intellectual property, commercial law, and private law.


ND LAMB draws extensively on the legal insights offered by the methods and findings of related social science disciplines, from psychology and economics to business, public policy and beyond. In particular, the Program promotes original legal scholarship that employs empirical, behavioral, or experimental approaches.


ND LAMB understands that the complex challenges at the intersection of law and market behavior are global in nature. Hence, the Program engages in a broad range of international activities that seek to build an active community of scholars from the United States, Europe, Asia, and more. To this end, ND LAMB organizes or co-sponsors numerous international conferences, symposia, and workshops annually. The Program also develops and maintains a number of ongoing collaborations with peer programs and institutes worldwide.

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