Private Law Workshop

The Private Law Workshop, hosted by Professor Sadie Blanchard, brings leading private law scholars from across the United States and around the world to discuss their latest scholarship with Notre Dame students and faculty. The workshop is the basis of a seminar course taught by Professor Blanchard, open to Notre Dame J.D. and graduate students. 


Past Workshop Schedules

Fall 2022 Workshop Schedule

Date Lecturer, Topic
September 9 Lauren Scholz (Florida State)
September 23 Lee Fennel (University of Chicago)
October 7 Rory Van Loo (Boston University)
October 28 Omri Ben-Shahar (University of Chicago)
November 10 Tom Baker (University of Pennsylvania)
December 2 Amalia Kessler (Stanford)

Spring 2022 Workshop Schedule

Date Lecturer, Topic
January 28 Nicolas Cornell (University of Michigan), "The Normative Inertness of Wrongs"
February 11 Ruth L. Okediji (Harvard), "What is Property For? A Biblical Critique of the Public Domain in IP"
February 25 Richard R.W. Brooks (NYU)
March 18 Sadie Blanchard (Notre Dame), "Nominal Damages and the Other Ends of Adjudication"
April 1 David Hoffman (University of Pennsylvania), "Leases as Forms"
April 22 Jean Thomas (Queen's University)

Fall 2020 Workshop Schedule

Date Lecturer, Topic
August 28 Henry Smith (Harvard), "Property as Complex System"
September 11 Sadie Blanchard (Notre Dame), "Contracts Without Courts or Clans: The Case of Reinsurance"
September 25 John Goldberg (Harvard), "Public Nuisance"
October 9 James Penner (National University of Singapore), "Punishment and Penalties in Private Law"
October 23 Shyamkrishna Balganesh (Penn), “Legal Internalism in Modern Histories of Copyright”
November 6 Paul Miller (Notre Dame), “Juridical Justification of Private Rights”