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Professor Judith Fox Addresses Changes in Debt Collection, Mortgage Foreclosure Laws

p(image-right). !/assets/2202/fox_news.jpg(fox news)! "Professor Judith Fox": presented Indiana judges with an update on mortgage foreclosure law at the "Annual Meeting of the Judicial Conference of Indiana": in French Lick, Indiana,...

Prof. Snead addresses international conference on stem cell issues

p(image-right). !/assets/2824/snead_news.jpg(carter snead news)! "Prof. Carter Snead": was a featured speaker at a conference on the public policy questions concerning experimental research on human embryos that was held this September...

Regis Philbin gives two thumbs up to NDLS

p(image-right). !/assets/48894/regis_philbin_news.jpg(regis_philbin_news)! Loyal ND alum Regis Philbin, ‘ 53, singled out the NDLS facilities and the Patrick F. McCartan Courtroom for special praise September 19. Recounting how it felt to...

Princeton’s Robert George to Speak On Natural Law

p(image-right). !/assets/47896/robert_george.jpg(robert_george)! *Robert George*, the McCormick Chair of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, will speak at *5 p.m. September 8* in 1130 Eck Hall of Law.

Former President of Ecuador to Address Constitutional Developments

p(image-right). !/assets/47854/osvaldo_hurtado_news.jpg(osvaldo_hurtado_news)! Osvaldo Hurtado, former President of Ecuador, will speak at NDLS September 8 on “Independence of the Judiciary, Freedom of the Press and other Constitutional Developments in Ecuador.”