Princeton’s Robert George to Speak On Natural Law

Author: Charles Williams

Robert George, the McCormick Chair of Jurisprudence at Princeton University, will speak at 5 p.m. September 8 in 1130 Eck Hall of Law.

The NDLS chapter of the Federalist Society is hosting the lecture, during which Professor George intends to set forth and defend a natural law understanding of the basic principles of practical (including moral) judgment. He will provide an account of human dignity consistent with such an understanding, and explore questions of the relationship of natural law principles to revealed truths of morality. He will also offer some reflections on natural law, the common good, justice, and human rights.

Professor George has been called the “country’s most influential conservative Christian thinker,” by the New York Times. He is the recipient of the Presidential Citizens Medal, and Justice Antonin Scalia has referred to him as among the most-talked-about thinkers in conservative legal circles.

More information about Professor George is available here.