Tuition & Aid FAQs

If your question is not listed, contact the Office of Financial Aid for further assistance.

Applying for Financial Aid

What is the federal school code for the Notre Dame Law School?

Our federal school code for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is 001840. The FAFSA for the upcoming year is available online beginning October 1. Applicants are encouraged to complete this form as early as possible.

When can I expect notification about my financial aid?

The Law School and the University will notify you regarding your financial aid in two ways. The Law School’s Office of Admissions and Financial Aid notifies students about scholarships at the time of their admission. The University’s Office of Financial Aid notifies students of their cost of attendance (i.e., scholarship and loans) beginning in late-March for students who submitted their FAFSA by the February 28 deadline.

How do I decline or reduce my financial aid award package?

The University’s Office of Financial Aid assumes you accept the assistance as listed in the Financial Aid Notification. However, if you wish to decline (or reduce) any assistance, please email the office at with your changes.​ Students will often reduce their financial aid if they have received other money from outside scholarships, parents, relatives, employment, etc. and no longer need to borrow as much as they previously requested.

Do I need to apply for financial aid every year?

Any scholarship awarded by the Notre Dame Law School is automatically renewed as long as the student stays in good academic standing. To be eligible for federal loan assistance, students must file the FAFSA each year.

Am I able to meet with a financial aid counselor?

The staff in the University’s Office of Financial Aid is available to talk with students about their questions or concerns related to their financial aid, particularly student loans. If you have extenuating circumstances, or more detailed questions, please email or call the office to schedule an appointment with a financial aid counselor.

Scholarship and Loan Assistance

Is scholarship assistance available for law students?

Every candidate admitted to the Law School is considered for scholarship aid based on multiple factors with the goal of admitting students from different backgrounds who possess a wide range of talents and experiences. The primary factors in this consideration are academics vis-a-vis other admitted students in the class. We will also look at the personal statement, leadership attributes, and community service.

What outside scholarships are available?

Philanthropic organizations at the local, regional, and national levels offer a variety of scholarships. These awards are usually limited to particular populations of students based on geography, class year, area of interest in law, or ethnic background. Our Admissions staff has compiled this listing of scholarships and prizes. Before you apply, confirm details with the sponsoring organization. Search our External Scholarship Database or

What loan programs are available?

Law students are eligible to borrow from the Federal Direct Loan, the Federal Graduate/Direct PLUS Loan, or private loan programs. Further details and application instructions are available on the Office of Financial Aid website.

How can I be more aware of the impact my loans will have in the future?

Federal student loans usually offer borrowers lower interest rates and have more flexible repayment options than private loans. In addition, when borrowing federal student loans you are required to complete an entrance counseling session which provides you useful tips and tools to help you develop a budget for managing your education expenses and helps you to understand your loan responsibilities.

How can I adjust my loan costs if I receive a scholarship or money from a job, etc?

​If you wish to decline (or reduce) your loans, please email the University’s Office of Financial Aid at with your changes.​​

Eligibility and Appealing

How will my previous year’s income impact my eligibility for loans?

The Federal Methodology formula used to determine eligibility for federal loan programs requires students to report their income and tax information from two years prior. The resulting student contribution is used to determine eligibility for Federal loan programs only.

If you’re a graduate or professional student, you will typically be eligible to receive a total of $20,500 per year via the Federal Direct Loan Program. Find additional information about this program on our website.

How will my parents’ income affect my loan eligibility?

Because Notre Dame Law School students are considered independent, parents’ data is not included on the FAFSA. However, any cash support you receive from a friend or relative (including your parents, because law students are independent students) must be reported on the FAFSA as untaxed income. Cash support includes payments made on your behalf. For example, if your aunt pays your rent or utility bill, you must report those payments on the FAFSA. Information from the FAFSA is used to calculate Expected Family Contribution. Untaxed income does not, however, increase EFC dollar for dollar, and even students with high EFC’s are eligible for unsubsidized federal loans, as long as they meet federal eligibility requirements (such as Selective Service registration for men and a record without an outstanding defaulted federal loan).

Is it possible to increase the standard cost of attendance if my expenses are beyond the standard budget?

A student may request a Cost of Attendance Increase Form from the Office of Financial Aid. You may request the form by phone, email, or in person. The form provides you with an opportunity to itemize monthly expenses. (In some cases, receipts or billing statements are required to support the request.)

Is it possible to receive additional financial aid if I study abroad or in Chicago and Washington, D.C.?

The Law School will notify the Office of Financial Aid of the students who are enrolled in a study-abroad program or in one of our externship programs. The Office of Financial Aid will increase the budgets of these students accordingly and determine if additional loan eligibility is possible.

Additional Ways to Fund NDLS

What are writing competitions and how can they help?

Writing Competitions are an opportunity for law students to be rewarded for their ability to demonstrate their legal knowledge and writing skill through essays on various topics within the legal field. Winning competitors can earn a variety of financial awards. Award amounts, deadlines, and essay lengths vary greatly from competition to competition.

How do I find out about on-campus jobs?

Notre Dame provides ample opportunities for law students to hold on-campus jobs if they so desire. Please visit our On-Campus Employment section for more information.

Can law students apply to be resident assistants in undergraduate housing?

Yes, students may serve as ARs beginning in the second law school year. Please refer to our On-Campus Employment section for more information.

General Questions

How do I contact the Office of Student Accounts?

The Office of Student Accounts administers account and payment information for all Notre Dame students.

116 Main Building
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Phone: 574-631-7113
Fax: 574-631-7117

How do I contact the Office of Financial Aid?

The Office of Financial Aid administers all financial assistance for all Notre Dame students.

115 Main Building
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Phone: 574-631-6436
Fax: 574-631-6899

When can I expect to receive my bill, and when is payment due?

The Fall billing statement will be available via IRISHPAY in mid-July with payment due by mid-August. IRISHPAY is the University’s online student account and payment system available to both students and their authorized payers.