Scholarships & Financial Aid

Law school is a major investment in your future. A Notre Dame legal education will provide training from premier academic faculty, opportunities for experiential learning, a dedicated Career Development Office, and membership in one of the strongest alumni networks in the country.

These pages are intended to help you maximize your investment while minimizing debt through careful financial planning. Notre Dame’s financial aid program provides a wide variety of opportunities — including scholarships, loans, and repayment programs — to help our students manage the cost of attending law school and make Notre Dame an affordable option.

The process starts with a sound financial plan and an understanding of the financial commitment it takes to obtain a law degree.

Most Notre Dame Law students finance their education through a combination of merit scholarship from the Law School, external scholarships, income from part-time employment or savings, and graduate student loans, including both private and federal loan programs.

We encourage you to reduce expenses whenever possible, be vigilant about your current financial health, and be aware of how you might manage repaying student loans in the future. A key step is to establish and follow a budget, borrow wisely, pursue external scholarships, and minimize spending.

Notre Dame Law School scholarships are administered by the Law School Admissions Office.

Financial aid, including all loans, are administered for all students by the University of Notre Dame’s Office of Financial Aid.