For Readmission

Readmission Application Process

For students (previously matriculated but not currently enrolled) applying to return to Notre Dame Law School after:

  • Withdrawal
    • Voluntary withdrawal between semesters
    • Including, but not limited to, failure to enroll before the end of the fifth class day of the semester
    • Voluntary withdrawal during a semester
  • Academic Dismissal
    • Failure to maintain good academic standing

Review the Hoynes Code, Articles 7 and 8, for additional details.


Applicants for readmission must submit their application and supporting documents by:

  • October 15 to re-enter for the spring semester
  • April 15 to re-enter for the fall semester

Application Documents

  1. Application form* (Contact for the link to the form)
  2. Written statements addressing the application prompts*
    1. The context of your departure from Notre Dame Law School
    2. Your activities and any employment you have completed in your time away from the Law School
    3. Your preparation and plan for how you will be successful at NDLS upon your return
  3. Updated Character and Fitness report*
  4. Interview with Admissions or Student Services by request
  5. A certification of readiness** from 
    1. The University Health Center and/or 
    2. The University Counseling Center and/or
    3. The student's treating licensed health care professional
  6. Securing a faculty sponsor*** as outlined in Article 8 of the Hoynes Code 

*Required for all applicants
**Required if the student withdrew for health reasons
***Required if the student was academically dismissed

If you are a current student who is considering withdrawal or is subject to dismissal, please contact Director of Student Services Christine Holst-Haley at

If you are no longer enrolled at Notre Dame Law School and wish to apply for readmission, please contact the Office of Admissions at