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Notre Dame Law School’s Student Ambassadors are hand-selected by the admissions team and serve as professional student leaders to interact with prospective students. They are involved on campus, optimistic, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and often the first interaction potential law students have with the Law School. As the true faces of NDLS, they offer unique views and serve to welcome future Domers into our community. If you have questions about their individual experiences, feel free to use their listed emails or email For questions about the application and admissions process, please contact the admissions staff at after reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions

Luke Franz

Luke Franz, 3L (Admissions Fellow)


Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Undergraduate career: Texas A&M University, B.S., 2013, Economics

NDLS extracurricular activities: President of Student Bar Association and Assistant Rector at Dunne Hall

Legal work: Summer associate at Jackson Walker LLP in Land Use & Corporate Law

Future plans and aspirations: I plan to return to Texas after NDLS to pursue a legal practice in transaction law at a large Dallas law firm. I hope to eventually be involved in my community through public service.

Why did you choose NDLS? Notre Dame has always been a household name in my family, even though we have no connections. From a young age I was cheering for the Irish. There are plenty of reasons I chose ND, from the academic reputation, the alumni, quality of professors and culture, and emphasis on ethics and morality in the law (Different Kind of Lawyer). However, I have also come to value and truly appreciate the doors that open for you by saying you are from Notre Dame. This is especially true for areas outside of Chicago, New York, and D.C. (Notre Dame already has very strong ties to these areas.) As this is a national law school, you can take your degree anywhere and have a leg up from the regional schools in the area because you are unique and from ND, as opposed to one of many from regional schools applying for similar positions.

Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller, 2L (Admissions Fellow)


Hometown: Cypress, Texas

Undergraduate career: The University of Texas at Austin, 2016, B.A. Economics & Government

NDLS extracurricular activities: Social & Networking Chair for Business Law Forum; Communications Director for Federalist Society; Alumni Ambassador for NYC; Notre Dame Law Review.

Legal work: Summer Associate at Jones Day in NYC.

Future plans and aspirations: I hope to practice corporate law (M&A / Private Equity / Capital Markets) at a large law firm post graduation.

Why did you choose NDLS? I first visited Notre Dame when I was in high school and fell completely in love with the campus. 6 years later, I returned to campus to tour the law school and immediately re-fell in love with the campus and even more so with NDLS. When choosing law schools, I knew I wanted a nationally recognized school where I could have every city across the country be a potential job market for me. Additionally, Notre Dame really appealed to me because of the alumni. While every school has great alumni -- Notre Dame alumni are beyond resourceful, generous and passionate about helping students. Finally, I have been particularly impressed with the culture within NDLS. Both the students and professors strive to cultivate relationships with you far beyond the classrooms and really make you feel at home each and every day you are in the the law school!

Theresa Barton

Theresa Barton, 3L

Hometown: Martinsburg, West Virginia

Undergraduate career: University of Notre Dame, B.A. 2016, Psychology

NDLS extracurricular activities: Lexis Nexis student associate, NDLS tour guide

Legal work: My 1L summer I worked for a judge in the Northern District of Illinois located in Chicago. This past summer (my 2L summer) I worked for Winston & Strawn, also in Chicago.

Future plans and aspirations: I am undecided on the area of law in which I would like to practice, but I anticipate that I will practice transactional law in some facet. Working for a law firm in the summer will allow me to try projects in several different areas to help me discern what I want to do. The great part about attending law school at NDLS is that you really don’t have to know what you want to do when you begin your law school career (or even when you graduate!). The amazing professors, helpful 2Ls and 3Ls, and generous alumni are here for you and excited to act as your mentors in your process of discerning what you like about the law and developing your career to enable you to do what you really love.

Why did you choose NDLS? I chose NDLS for so many different reasons, but the ultimate reason was that Notre Dame is home. Having attended ND for my undergraduate career, I was in a unique position of already knowing how amazing this university is prior to knowing anything about the law school. Once I factored in the proximity to Chicago, the absolutely unbelievable alumni network, and the impressive and highly distinguished line-up of professors, it was a no-brainer. NDLS truly has it all, from fun (even when the football team has hard seasons) to professional development, and most importantly personal development. NDLS is a school where you won’t just learn how to be a lawyer, you’ll learn what kind of person and advocate you want to be and, in doing so, will transform into a “different kind of lawyer.”

Katy Baum

Katy Baum, 3L

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas

Undergraduate career: Texas A&M University, B.B.A., 2016, Business Management, minor in Economics

NDLS extracurricular activities: Assistant Rector for McGlinn Hall; Health Law Society, President; G.A.L.I.L.E.E., Mentor Coordinator; Christian Legal Society, Member.

Legal work: Civil Division Legal Intern, Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas, July-August 2018; Law Clerk, Weaver Johnston & Nelson LLP May-July 2018; Law Clerk, AM General LLC August-December 2017; Law Clerk, Methodist Healthcare Systems, May-July 2017.

Future plans and aspirations: My hope is to practice healthcare and corporate law in Texas.

Why did you choose NDLS? NDLS offers a host of valuable opportunities. The school itself is top notch. It is full of nationally recognized and accessible professors, as well as a driven student body. Development here does not stop with the classroom. Instead, the NDLS population pursues excellence in all areas of their lives and I am grateful for their permeating influence in my life. My love for Notre Dame has only grown as I have gained lifelong friends from around the country, a loyal alumni base, and a greater appreciation for the legal profession. Notre Dame Law School is a great place to begin building a legal career.

Samantha Darnell

Samantha Darnell, 2L


Hometown: Thousand Oaks, California

Undergraduate career: Pepperdine University, B.A., 2011, Political Science

NDLS extracurricular activities: Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics & Public Policy; Research Assistant for Professor James Seckinger; Student Animal Legal Defense Fund; Married Law Student Organization; Student Bar Association Service Committee

Legal work: Judicial extern for Judge Frank R. Zapata, U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona; summer associate for at Eversheds Sutherland.

Future plans and aspirations: I hope to practice transactional law, and hope to contribute meaningfully to my community through pro bono work.

Why did you choose NDLS? I was looking for an institution that produced not only excellent lawyers, but lawyers with a purpose and a sense of duty to society. The obvious attributes of Notre Dame Law School caught my attention at the beginning — outstanding faculty, phenomenal alumni network, national reputation, emphasis on tradition — but the more I learned about the school, the more I realized that this is a place that truly prepares lawyers to make a positive impact.

Rachel Geizura

Rachel Geizura, 3L

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Undergraduate career: The Pennsylvania State University, B.A., 2016, Communication Arts and Sciences

NDLS extracurricular activities: Moot Court: Trial Team; Notre Dame Law School Journal of International and Comparative Law; Alumni Ambassador Program: Student Ambassador for Pittsburgh, PA; Student Bar Association

Legal work: Summer Associate with Bordas & Bordas Attorneys, PLLC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: May-August 2018; Legal intern for Chief Magistrate Judge Maureen P. Kelly, U.S. District Court, Western District of Pennsylvania: May-August 2017

Future plans and aspirations: I plan to move back to Pittsburgh after graduation and work in a law firm. I would like to practice civil litigation. Later in my career, I want to transition into public interest law and work either in the District Attorney’s office, or do public defense work.

Why did you choose NDLS? Notre Dame Law School’s sense of community and familial atmosphere sets it apart from anywhere else. Besides having outstanding academics, world-class professors, and a strong alumni network, Notre Dame Law School cultivates an environment where I feel at home.

Alexander Ingoglia

Alex Ingoglia, 2L


Hometown: Munster, Indiana

Undergraduate career: Indiana University, 2016, B.S. in Accounting & Finance, B.A. in Political Science; 2017 MBA

NDLS extracurricular activities: Business Law Forum President

Legal work: Chick-fil-A Legal Department

Future plans and aspirations: After my time at Notre Dame Law School, I plan to go into big law on the corporate side of things to utilize my business background.

Why did you choose NDLS? I chose NDLS for the community. I enjoyed other law schools that I visited, but I truly felt a sense of collaboration and friendship in the halls of Notre Dame Law School that was unmatched anywhere else. Plus, you truly cannot beat the Notre Dame alumni network!

Kendra Key

Kendra N. Key, 3L


Hometown: Shreveport, Louisiana

Undergraduate career: Louisiana State University- Shreveport (LSUS), 2012, BCJ in Criminal Justice; LSUS, 2012, B.A. in Sociology; Indiana State University, 2014, B.A. in Language Studies

NDLS extracurricular activities: Barbri Representative, '16-'19; Student Ambassador, '17-'19; Assistant Rector, Flaherty Hall, '17-'19; Black Law Student Association (BLSA), Vice President, '17-'18; Student Bar Association (SBA), Admissions Committee Member, '17-'18; SBA "Raising the Bar" Blog Writer, '17-'18; G.A.L.I.L.E.E. Recruiting Co-Coordinator, '17-'18; SBA Merchandise Committee Member, '16-'17; BLSA 1L Representative, '16-'17

Legal work: Law clerk, Indiana Office of the Attorney General, May-Aug '18; legal intern, Office of General Counsel, Saint Mary's College, Feb-May '18; law clerk, City of South Bend, Legal Department, Aug-Dec '17; legal intern, Marion County Prosecutor's Office, May-Aug '17; legal intern, Indiana Supreme Court, Office of Court Services, Programming and Projects Division, May-Aug '17

Future plans and aspirations: I do not know exactly which area of law I will go into, but I am interested in corporate and criminal law. Whatever I do, I want to be able to help people who cannot help themselves, whether that is through my career or in my spare time.

Why did you choose NDLS? I came to Notre Dame because it offered everything I wanted from a law school. It is a top institution with an amazing alumni network and national recognition, and it offers a strong support system through faith-based and social groups within the Law School and the community. The Law School has given me an abundance of opportunities to grow my knowledge and build connections. I could not have asked for a better, more challenging and engaging atmosphere in which to cultivate my legal skills.

Irvenie Latortue

Irvenie Latortue


Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida

Undergraduate career: University of Miami, 2017, B.A. in Economics & Political Science

NDLS extracurricular activities: Treasurer of the Black Law Student Association, 2L Rep for the LGBT Law Forum, Secretary of the Economic Justice Society and on the Spirit Committee of the Student Bar Association

Legal work: Interned at CRGO Law in Boca Raton for two summers, and Interned at the U.S. Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts for 1L summer

Future plans and aspirations: In the near future, I hope to work for a law firm in Miami but would also be open to possibly working for the state government of Florida down the line.

Why did you choose NDLS? From the moment I received my acceptance, NDLS has felt like a place that I could truly make my home. Current students reached out to me and demonstrated that Notre Dame wasn't simply a great law school but a great community that was already excited for me to be a part of it.


Carol Li

Carol Li, 2L


Hometown: Naperville, Illinois

Undergraduate career: Northwestern University, 2013, B.A. in Political Science & Sociology

NDLS extracurricular activities: SBA-Alumni Relations Committee (member), SBA-Spirit Committee (chair), Impowerus (lead), Women's Legal Forum (member), GALILEE (leadership committee)

Legal work: Judicial Extern for the Northern District of Illinois Research Assistant for Professor Veronica Root

Future plans and aspirations: I plan to return to Chicago and while open to all options, I am leaning towards pursuing a career in a transactional field.

Why did you choose NDLS? I chose NDLS because of my Admitted Student Weekend experience. The sense of community I noticed and how it felt like people genuinely cared about each other were reaffirmed during my first year at Notre Dame. I was blown away by the alumni network and the willingness Notre Dame students and alumni had to chat with me - even before I had started school here. There really is a Notre Dame family and I'm so happy to be a part of it!

Emily Mankowski

Emily Mankowski, 3L


Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Undergraduate career: Southern Methodist University, 2014, B.A. in Human Rights and Political Science

NDLS extracurricular activities: Notre Dame Law Review, Articles Editor; Admissions Student Ambassador; Student Bar Association 3L Class Representative; Galilee Co-Director 2017-2018; Notre Dame Women's Boxing

Legal work: Incoming Legal Extern for the Elkhart County Prosecutor's Office, August-December 2018; Summer Associate at Greenberg Traurig, Chicago, IL, May-July 2018; Judicial Extern for Judge John R. Blakey, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, May-July 2017.

Future plans and aspirations: In the near future, I plan to return to my law firm at ideally work in White Collar Criminal Defense since I have been interested in both litigation and criminal law. This summer I am looking forward to working on assignments in a variety of areas of the law, especially corporate mergers and acquisitions, to see what is the best fit for me. In the more distant future, I would love the opportunity to clerk for a federal judge and work as an Assistant United States Attorney.

Why did you choose NDLS? My decision to attend Notre Dame Law School caught me by surprise. I am not from the midwest and, when looking at law schools, I applied to schools mainly in larger cities near family. I sent my application to NDLS because I was drawn to its reputation as a top-notch academic institution, unparalleled alumni network, and commitment to producing "a different kind of lawyer," however, I was not prepared for how immediately I felt welcomed into the Notre Dame community. NDLS became my first and only choice in law schools when I set foot on campus for Admitted Student Weekend. It felt as if the administrators, faculty, and current students were bound together by this thread of love for this university. I knew I wanted to be a part of this unique community, where academic excellence is equally as valued as respect for your fellow person. With high expectations going into 1L fall, as a 3L I can say with confidence that NDLS has far exceeded my expectations, preparing me with a solid foundation to build my legal career, creating an environment where camaraderie and friendship flourish, and giving me a place I will always call home.

Alyssa Mcclure

Alyssa McClure, 3L


Hometown: Buffalo, New York

Undergraduate career: University at Buffalo, 2016, B.A. in Psychology & Social Science Interdisciplinary, Concentration in Legal Studies

NDLS extracurricular activities: Notre Dame Law Review, Federal Courts & Submissions Editor; Moot Court Board, Oralist, Seventh Circuit Team; Research Assistant for Professor James Seckinger; Women's Legal Forum; Notre Dame Exoneration Project; Office of Admissions, Student Ambassador

Legal work: Law Clerk, United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of New York, Summer 2017; Law Clerk, United States Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Public Integrity Section, Spring 2018; Summer Associate, Kirkland & Ellis LLP, Summer 2018

Future plans and aspirations: I hope to return to the Washington, D.C. area post-graduation to begin a career in litigation.

Why did you choose NDLS? Notre Dame Law School has a superb academic reputation, a breathtaking campus, and a strong, supportive alumni base. The opportunities Notre Dame offers, from the law school's externship and experiential learning programs to the ability to foster relationships with world-renowned faculty, have helped shape my legal career. Most importantly, attending law school at Notre Dame means being welcomed into a community of students, professors, staff, and alumni selflessly willing to help whenever possible. Before even stepping foot on campus, I knew Notre Dame Law School was where I wanted to be for my law school experience.