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Notre Dame Law School’s Student Ambassadors are current 2Ls and 3Ls who are excited to offer their unique insight into our community. If you have questions about the student experience at NDLS, feel free to email them at To contact a specific Ambassador, simply name them in the subject or greeting of your email. For more specific questions about the application and admissions process, please contact the admissions staff at after reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions.

Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller, 3L (Admissions Fellow)

Hometown: Cypress, Texas

Undergraduate career: The University of Texas at Austin, 2016, B.A. Economics & Government

NDLS extracurricular activities: Notre Dame Law Review; Federalist Society; Business Law Forum; Research Assistant

Legal work: Summer Associate at Jones Day in NYC; Extern at Notre Dame Office of General Counsel

Future plans and aspirations:Following graduation, I will spend a year clerking for Judge Chad Readler on the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals in Columbus, Ohio prior to returning to Jones Day to begin my corporate practice.

Why did you choose NDLS?I first visited Notre Dame when I was in high school and fell completely in love with the campus. 6 years later, I returned to campus to tour the law school and immediately re-fell in love with the campus and even more so with NDLS. When choosing law schools, I knew I wanted a nationally recognized school where I could have every city across the country be a potential job market for me. Additionally, Notre Dame really appealed to me because of the alumni. While every school has great alumni—Notre Dame alumni are beyond resourceful, generous and passionate about helping students. Finally, I have been particularly impressed with the culture within NDLS. Both the students and professors strive to cultivate relationships with you far beyond the classrooms and really make you feel at home each and every day you are in the the law school!

Natalie Piazza

Natalie Piazza, 2L (Admissions Fellow)

Hometown: Belvedere, California

Undergraduate career:University of Southern California, 2018, B.S. in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Cinematic Arts

NDLS extracurricular activities:Treasurer of the Student Bar Association; Women's Legal Forum; Business Law Forum; Notre Dame Moot Court Board (Oralist); NDLS Alumni Ambassador, Dallas. 

Legal work:Summer Associate at Sidley Austin LLP in Commercial Litigation & Disputes

Future plans and aspirations:I plan to move to Texas after NDLS and pursue a career in litigation at a large firm in Dallas.

Why did you choose NDLS?Coming from an undergraduate institution with a large alumni base, I viewed my law school experience as an opportunity to expand my network. Not only is Notre Dame's law school alumni network unparalleled, but having access to the undergraduate network as well presents endless opportunities for NDLS students. Additionally, because I intended to pursue a legal career outside of my home state, I wanted to attend a law school with a truly national reach, and NDLS has provided that. I was also looking for a law school that provided a collegial and supportive atmosphere, and being situated in South Bend really fosters that sense of community among our students and faculty. Our professors are committed to NDLS students and and helping us navigate the law school experience both academically and professionally. I couldn't be happier to be a Notre Dame law student!

Ben Boris

Ben Boris, 2L

Hometown:West Chicago, Illinois

Undergraduate career:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2018, B.A. in Political Science

NDLS extracurricular activities: Business Law Forum (Alumni Outreach Coordinator); Alumni Relations (Ambassador)University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2018, B.A. in Political Science

Legal work:Champaign County Public Defender (Intern); Circuit Court of Cook County, Chancery Division (Judicial Extern)

Future plans and aspirations:I plan to return to Chicago post-graduation to pursue a career in litigation.

Why did you choose NDLS?I grew up in a family full of ND "Subway Alumni," and both my mom and aunt graduated from St. Mary's. So upon beginning the law school search, I was admittedly predisposed to Notre Dame. However, I was ultimately swayed by the welcoming and down-to-earth nature of everyone I met in the law school, and the incredible support of the alumni network. Both of these factors stood out upon my visit and were reaffirmed in my first year as a student.

Natasha Gunasekara

Natasha Gunasekara, 2L

Hometown:Davis, California

Undergraduate career:Loyola Marymount University (Los Angeles), 2016, B.B.A. in Marketing & Spanish

NDLS extracurricular activities:Business Law Forum Member, Intellectual Property Law Society Member, Los Angeles Alumni Ambassador

Legal work:Judicial Extern for Judge Consuelo Callahan, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

Future plans and aspirations:I plan to return to Los Angeles and hope to practice transactional law.

Why did you choose NDLS?I chose Notre Dame because it was the school that I felt I would be the happiest at, which has proven itself true time and again. While the volume of work can be challenging, the students and faculty here are kind and supportive individuals. My spiritual and emotional well-being have been well taken care of in this community, which helped me thrive during my first year. I think that is something uniquely Notre Dame. Finally, the alumni network here is truly legendary!

Alex Ingoglia

Alex Ingoglia, 3L

Hometown:Munster, Indiana

Undergraduate career:Indiana University, 2016, Account & Political Science; Indiana University, 2017, MBA

NDLS extracurricular activities:Moot Court - Oralist Selection Chair, Law Review - Articles Editor

Legal work:1L - Chick-fil-A Legal Intern; 2L- Alston & Bird Atlanta Summer Associate

Future plans and aspirations:Corporate Law

Why did you choose NDLS?I chose NDLS for the community. I enjoyed other law schools that I visited, but I truly felt a sense of collaboration and friendship in the halls of Notre Dame Law School that was unmatched anywhere else. Plus, you truly cannot beat the Notre Dame alumni network!

Irvenie Latortue

Irvenie Latortue, 3L

Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida

Undergraduate career: University of Miami, 2017, B.A. in Economics & Political Science

NDLS extracurricular activities: Treasurer of the Black Law Student Association, 2L Rep for the LGBT Law Forum, Secretary of the Economic Justice Society and on the Spirit Committee of the Student Bar Association

Legal work: Interned at CRGO Law in Boca Raton for two summers, and Interned at the U.S. Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts for 1L summer

Future plans and aspirations: In the near future, I hope to work for a law firm in Miami but would also be open to possibly working for the state government of Florida down the line.

Why did you choose NDLS? From the moment I received my acceptance, NDLS has felt like a place that I could truly make my home. Current students reached out to me and demonstrated that Notre Dame wasn't simply a great law school but a great community that was already excited for me to be a part of it.

Carol Li

Carol Li, 3L

Hometown:Naperville, Illinois

Undergraduate career:Northwestern University, 2013, B.A. in Political Science & Sociology

NDLS extracurricular activities:Notre Dame Law Review, Executive Managing Editor; Notre Dame Moot Court Board, Oralist, ABA Team; Women's Legal Forum; Business Law Forum

Legal work:Judicial Extern, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois; Research Assistant, Professor Veronica Root Martinez; Summer Associate, Jones Day (Chicago)

Future plans and aspirations:I plan to return to Chicago, and while I am undecided as to a specific area of law, I am leaning towards pursuing a career in a transactional field.

Why did you choose NDLS?I chose NDLS because of my Admitted Student Weekend experience. The sense of community I noticed and how it felt like people genuinely cared about each other have been reaffirmed over and over again during my time at Notre Dame. I have been blown away by the willingness of Notre Dame students and alumni to mentor your and help you in your career. There really is a Notre Dame family and I'm so happy to be a part of it!

Margaret Manning, 3L

Hometown: Monroe, Louisiana

Undergraduate career:Louisiana State University, 2017, B.A. Mass Communications, Political Communication

NDLS extracurricular activities: Student Bar Association-Secretary; Moot Court-Mock Trial Team; Federalist Society

Legal work: Justice Scott Crichton, Louisiana Supreme Court, Summer Extern 2018; Judge Jay Zainey, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, Summer Extern 2018; Sher Garner Cahill Richter Klein & Hilbert, Summer Associate 2019; Phelps Dunbar, Summer Associate 2019; Office of the Prosecuting Attorney for Elkhart County, Fall Semester Extern 2019

Future plans and aspirations:From mock trial to depositions to criminal procedure and federal courts classes, I have aimed to prepare myself for a career in litigation, be it civil or criminal. Following my graduation, I will clerk for the Honorable Maurice Hicks, Jr., Chief Judge of U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana. After clerking, I hope to return to New Orleans, LA and pursue a career in either the U.S. Attorney's office in New Orleans or a large commercial litigation firm.

Why did you choose NDLS?When I arrived on campus to tour Notre Dame Law School in the middle of February my senior year of college, I thought to myself "I can't move here. It's too cold, it's too far, it's too foreign." But when I stepped inside the law school, I immediately felt welcomed into the Notre Dame nation by faculty and students alike. Law school has proven to be a challenging three years, but the community has given me a home away from home with a level of academic excellence that has prepared me to take on my future career as an attorney. I can truly say my Notre Dame experience has prepared me to be a "Different kind of lawyer"!

Keith Ongeri

Keith Ongeri, 2L

Hometown:Fishers, Indiana

Undergraduate career:Indiana University-Bloomington, 2018, B.A. in Political Science

NDLS extracurricular activities:Assistant Rector-Alumni Hall, Vice President- Black Law Student Association, Business Law Forum

Legal work:Intern for Coleman Stevenson LLP, an Indianapolis firm that provides representation in the areas of business, land use and real estate, civil litigation, and healthcare law. Congressional Intern for the office of former United States Senator Dan Coats. Summer clerk at Bet Tzedek, one of the premier public interest legal groups in Los Angeles.

Future plans and aspirations:I plan on pursuing a career as an attorney in Los Angeles or Indianapolis, using the knowledge I hope to attain in business law to learn how to help better build communities and businesses through the law.

Why did you choose NDLS?At Notre Dame I felt a true sense of community. You can go to a lot of schools and receive a competitively ranked law degree, but not every school makes you feel home the way Notre Dame does. Notre Dame is also a national school-you can come here and go anywhere. The flexibility and family that Notre Dame provides is the reason I chose Notre Dame.


Ben Perry

Ben Perry, 2L

Hometown:Mishawaka, Indiana

Undergraduate career:Grand Valley State University, 2012, B.S. in Film/Video Production

NDLS extracurricular activities:Vice President of Intellectual Property Law Society, Vice President of Married and Engaged Law Society

Legal work: Externship with the chambers of Hon. Michael Gotsch, Magistrate Judge in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Indiana, South Bend Division, and externship with the University of Notre Dame's General Counsel.

Future plans and aspirations:My interests are in copyright law and the effects that changes in technology and the entertainment industry have on the real world application of the law. I'm pursuing a career path that will allow me to continue to explore this area. I also am interested in bourbon law and labor and employment due to my pre-law-school career.

Why did you choose NDLS?Having grown up in the area, I was already familiar with the University of Notre Dame. But even with that familiarity, I was stunned by the atmosphere that NDLS presented during my visits. I immediately felt like I was at home and that the law school would be an environment that encouraged success and cooperation.

Andrew Sayer, 3L

Hometown:San Diego, California

Undergraduate career:Providence College, 2015, B.A. in History and Political Science; Brown University, 2016, M.A. in Public Policy

NDLS extracurricular activities:Vis Moot Court, Assistant Rector - Siegfried Hall, Military and Veterans Law Association

Legal work: I spent my 1L summer interning with the U.S. Navy JAG Corps in Newport, RI. During my 2L summer I will be interning with the Honorable Judge Michael Anello, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. I will spend my 3L year interning in the United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Indiana.

Future plans and aspirations:After law school I will be joining the United States Navy JAG Corps. I hope to spend my first 2-years stationed in Japan, working in international law. Outside of military law, I am deeply interested in legal history and international human rights law.

Why did you choose NDLS?I chose NDLS for three reasons. First, I felt a deep sense of community during my first tour of the law school. Second, I wanted to take part in one-of-a-kind programs, such as the Notre Dame in London program. And third, I knew that the NDLS alumni network could help me achieve my goals. In hindsight, I was correct about all three reasons to attend NDLS. Coming to Notre Dame has been one of the best choices of my life.

Hannah Walsh

Hannah Walsh, 2L

Hometown:Allen, Texas

Undergraduate career: Texas A&M University, 2018, B.B.A in Business Honors

NDLS extracurricular activities:Assistant Rector in Walsh Hall; Volunteer Lawyer Network; Staff Editor, Notre Dame Law Review

Legal work:Judicial intern for Judge Karen Gren Scholer, Northern District of Texas; legal intern for Human Rights Initiative of North Texas; extern for the City of South Bend Legal Department 

Future plans and aspirations:I hope to return to my native Texas and practice in local government, education, or regulatory law.

Why did you choose NDLS?As I went through the hectic admissions process, there were a myriad of reasons why I liked NDLS: I could have classmates from all over the country but still have a path to return home for my career, the professors were brilliant, the opportunities for professional development were plentiful, and I liked the idea of being a part of the broader Notre Dame community. However, my choice to attend NDLS was ultimately a gut decision based on the kind of lawyer and person I wanted to be. I wanted to surround myself with people who not only worked hard to become technically excellent attorneys, but who also cared about their peers and the roles they could play in shaping their communities. I knew that if I wanted to enjoy my time in law school, I would have to go where community was a priority. After my visit, I knew that place was Notre Dame.