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Notre Dame Law School’s Student Ambassadors are current 2Ls and 3Ls who are excited to offer their unique insight into our community. If you have questions about the student experience at NDLS, feel free to email them at To contact a specific ambassador, simply name them in the subject or greeting of your email.

For more specific questions about the application and admissions process, please contact the admissions staff after reviewing the Frequently Asked Questions.

Joshua Mannery

Joshua Mannery, 3L (Lead Ambassador)

Hometown: Jackson, Mississippi

Undergraduate career: University of Mississippi, 2021

NDLS extracurricular activities: Student Bar Association - President; NDLS Admissions - Lead Ambassador; Black Law Student Association - Admissions Liaison; NDLS Mock Trial Team

Legal work: 1L summer intern at Chegg, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA); 2L summer associate at Mayer Brown (Chicago): Spring 2023 externship with ND Office of General Counsel

Future plans and aspirations: After law school, I will be joining Mayer Brown as a Junior Associate in their Litigation practice area. Afterwards, I would like to transition to working in-house for a university or school district! (But also, still figuring this law thing out!)

Why did you choose NDLS? Notre Dame Law School was a gamble. Despite all of the overwhelmingly positive things I heard about the institution, from its personable and charming community to its robust and passionate alumni base, I had no relationship to the school at all. Because of that, relocating myself from Mississippi and up to South Bend was frankly scary. But, I wanted to prove to myself that I could rebuild my brand in a new environment, so I swallowed my anxiety and made the move. It helped that the school took active efforts to make sure I had the resources and assistance to get here!

Sebastián Ramírez

Sebastián Ramírez, 3L (DEI Lead Ambassador)

Hometown: Weston, FL

Undergraduate career: American University, 2015

NDLS extracurricular activities: Hispanic Law Student Association (HLSA); LBGT Law Forum

Legal work: Chicago House, Indiana Legal Services, MALDEF, City of Port St. Lucie

Future plans and aspirations: Civil Rights/Constitutional Litigation

Why did you choose NDLS? There's a real sense of supportive community here, and our alumni network is extremely helpful and engaging.

Carmen Rida

Carmen Rida, 2L (Lead Ambassador)

Hometown: Bloomfield, Michigan

Undergraduate career: University of Michigan, 2020

NDLS extracurricular activities: Vice President Health Law Society; Vice President Middle Eastern Law Students Association

Legal work: 1L Summer Associate at Miller Johnson in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Hamburg Honors Scholar in International Business Law at Bucerius Law School

Future plans and aspirations: I plan to work at a law firm, leaning towards transactional work

Why did you choose NDLS? Strong sense of collegiality and community, high achieving community, connections to many markets.

Abraham Arum

Abraham Arun, 2L

Hometown: West Monroe, Louisiana

Undergraduate career: Louisiana Tech University, 2022

NDLS extracurricular activities: Notre Dame Journal of Law, Ethics, and Public Policy, Staff Editor; Notre Dame Federalist Society, Membership Coordinator

Legal work: Judicial Intern to Chief Judge Stephen R. Clark, United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri

Future plans and aspirations: Clerkship, followed by big law.

Why did you choose NDLS? While I was a Notre Dame football fan for as long as I can remember, I was a little nervous about attending Notre Dame. I heard only good things about the school, but I was unsure how a small-town guy from countryside Louisiana would fit in at such a prestigious institution. After some correspondence with Justice Barrett and some current students, I was amazed by the collegiality of Notre Dame alumni. I knew law school would be challenging, but the Notre Dame community would be supportive while challenging me to be the best.

Victoria Bailey

Victoria Bailey, 2L

Hometown: Murrieta, California

Undergraduate career: Adelphi University, 2022

NDLS extracurricular activities: Chair of SBA Mental Health Committee; Women's Legal Forum Director of Events; Member of First Generation Professionals

Legal work: Nassau County District Attorney's Office - Intern for Narcotics, Firearms & Gangs Bureau; Research Assistant to Professor Marah Stith McLeod

Future plans and aspirations: Government/Regulatory; Criminal Law; Environmental Law

Why did you choose NDLS? Incredible atmosphere with so many new and exciting opportunities every day that you won't find at other schools; the faculty (from CDO to admissions to professors - across the board 10/10) are incomparable; small class sizes w/ ample opportunity to get to know all your peers and professors; Notre Dame sports of course (especially football)!

Matteo Taraborrelli

Tanner Christiansen, 3L

Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Undergraduate career: University of St. Thomas in Minnesota, 2020

NDLS extracurricular activities: President (2022-2023) - Jus Vitae; Vice-President (2022-2023), President (2023-2024) - Married Law Students Organization; Member, The Federalist Society; Member, First Generation Professionals; Member, St. Thomas More Society

Legal work: I was a Research Assistant my 1L summer with Professor Julian Velasco. I also was a Contracts Teaching Assistant for ICLEO. For my 2L summer, I was a Summer Associate at Sidley Austin in Chicago. I am planning on joining their Corporate Group after graduation. During my 3L, I will be a Legal Extern in Notre Dame‘s Corporate Counsel Office doing legal work for Notre Dame.

Future plans and aspirations: I plan to join the Corporate Group at Sidley Austin in Chicago and work there as long as my wife and daughters are content with our lives.

Why did you choose NDLS? I was choosing between two law schools. Notre Dame has great career outcomes and clerkships placements. My wife and I wanted to end up in Chicago and Notre Dame has fantastic placement in Chicago Biglaw. Also, we wanted to have a child in law school and Notre Dame gave us a substantial merit scholarship. Also, I felt Notre Dame cared a tremendous deal about intellectual diversity and the free exchange of ideas. Finally, the campus is absolutely gorgeous.

Phoebe Eichhorst

Phoebe Eichhorst, 3L

Hometown: Kearney, Nebraska

Undergraduate career: University of North Dakota, 2019

NDLS extracurricular activities: Women's Legal Forum President Emeritus

Legal work: Intern for the Honorable Charlene Edwards Honeywell at the Middle District of Florida, Tampa, and Summer Associate at Jackson Walker in Austin, Texas

Future plans and aspirations: I will be working in Austin, Texas as a Real Estate attorney with an emphasis on renewable energy transactions and environmental regulatory

Why did you choose NDLS? There are many reasons, but I will give two of the big ones: I love how collegial our school is, and how small the class sizes are. I know almost everyone by (first) name and I know that I can have a good conversation with any of my classmates. Second, the access to my faith. For example, having the chapel downstairs is absolutely wonderful.

Drew Garden

Drew Garden, 2L

Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia

Undergraduate career: University of Notre Dame, 2016

NDLS extracurricular activities: Notre Dame Law Review; Exoneration Justice Clinic; American Civil Liberties Union; American Constitutional Society; GALILEE Leadership Council; Teaching Assistant (Constitutional Law)

Legal work: Before law school, I spent four years as a paralegal at Loevy & Loevy, a civil rights litigation firm in Chicago. During the summer after my 1L year, I worked as a research assistant for Prof. Sam Bray.

Future plans and aspirations: I hope to clerk immediately after graduation, then move into litigation. I'm looking at firms where I can develop strong litigation skills and build a serious pro bono practice focused on civil rights and exoneration justice.

Why did you choose NDLS? This is clichéd, but there is really nowhere quite like Notre Dame. The quality of education and post-grad opportunities here are extraordinary. Law school is hard, and there is no way around that, but everyone here works extremely hard to help you find your way. I can't imagine being anywhere else.

Alexandra Lesnik

Alexandra Lesnik, 3L

Hometown: Upper Saddle River, NJ

Undergraduate career: University of Notre Dame, 2019

NDLS extracurricular activities: Journal of Legislation- Alumni Engagement Chair; Notre Dame Exoneration Project- President; American Constitution Society - former Vice President; National Lawyers Guild - former Secretary

Legal work: Summer Intern at Promise of Justice Initiative; Law Clerk at Illinois Prison Project; Extern at the Federal Community Defenders; Summer Law Clerk at Root and Rebound

Future plans and aspirations: I plan to pursue work in the criminal legal system, likely in a direct services role (public defense or otherwise), in order to mitigate the harm done by the system, while ultimately working towards a vision of prison abolition.

Why did you choose NDLS? Having gone to Notre Dame for my undergraduate degree, I had first hand experience with a lot of great things that apply to the law school, too. I have a deep love for South Bend and was really excited to rejoin the community I had previously found here. The alumni network is truly unmatched--folks are so excited connect with students and other alum to help their future careers in any way possible. Finally, the general environment of NDLS is collegial and friendly, which was really important to me as I entered into the naturally stressful experience that is law school!

Olivia Lyons

Olivia Lyons, 2L

Hometown: McLean, Virginia

Undergraduate career: University of Notre Dame, 2020

NDLS extracurricular activities: Federalist Society - Social Chair; Notre Dame Law Review - Staff Editor; St. Thomas More Society

Legal work: Last summer, I served as an intern to Judge Benjamin Beaton for the Western District of Kentucky. In the Fall 2023 semester, I will be getting hands on legal experience in the litigation section of the Religious Liberty Clinic.

Future plans and aspirations: After graduation, I will be clerking for Judge Julius Richardson on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. After clerking, I would love to do appellate work at a law firm in DC. Eventually, I hope to do religious liberty work, either Pro Bono at a law firm or at a nonprofit organization.

Why did you choose NDLS? I chose Notre Dame Law School because it is a vibrant community of intellectually curious, hardworking students, led by, in my opinion, the best law school faculty in the United States. It's a place where my faith plays a central role in my experience, but where people of all faiths and backgrounds can also find a home.

Corina Martinez

Corina Martinez, 3L

Hometown: Ventura, CA

Undergraduate career: University of San Diego, 2021

NDLS extracurricular activities: Hispanic Law Student Association; First Generation Professionals; SBA Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Legal work: During undergrad and my first year of law school, I volunteered at Catholic Charities Immigrant Services. After my first year, I worked in-house, as a Diversity Fellow, at Sempra. After my second year, I worked with the San Diego City Attorney's Office within the Criminal and Civil Divisions.

Future plans and aspirations: In the future, I look forward to immersing myself in the San Diego Legal Community. I hope to pursue public interest work and to continue supporting other first-generation college and law students.

Why did you choose NDLS? I love the University's Catholic identity, and I wanted to experience living outside of California for a brief period before I take the California bar. I transferred to NDLS and during my first year here, I found my classmates to be extremely bright and welcoming. I have also been fortunate to meet several NDLS graduates through my legal work experience and can honestly say that the supportiveness of the alumni network is unparalleled.

Kate Maxwell

Kate Maxwell, 2L

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Undergraduate career: Marian University (Indianapolis), 2022

NDLS extracurricular activities: Moot Court Board; President - Women's Legal Forum; Treasurer - Tax Law Society; Honor Council - Class Representative; St. Thomas More Society – Member; First Generation Professionals Society - Member

Legal work: 1L Summer Associate

Future plans and aspirations: Upon graduation from NDLS, I am planning to work for a big law firm. My 1L summer associate position provided me with an outstanding opportunity to work in a law firm environment and learn from wonderful mentors. As such, I am looking forward to working for a law firm after I graduate and diving into substantive legal matters for a diverse range of clients.

Why did you choose NDLS? I chose Notre Dame Law School because it fosters such an outstanding community. I grew up loving ND (yes, for its football lore but also for its exceptional academics, engaging community, and commitment to faith). As a result, when to came time to apply to law schools, Notre Dame was at the top of my list. There are a wide array of programs of study in which to specialize here at NDLS, and get involved with student organizations. I chose NDLS for the fantastic education it would provide, but it's the people here that make NDLS so special. The alumni, professors, staff, and students are all so welcoming and supportive. Everyone genuinely wants one another to succeed, and that type of collegiality truly makes a positive difference for the law school experience. We are ND!!!

Mia Oyama

Mia Oyama, 3L

Hometown: North Caldwell, New Jersey

Undergraduate career: University of Florida, 2021

NDLS extracurricular activities: Asian Pacific American Law Student Association Member (APALSA); Black Law Students Association Member (BLSA); Student Bar Association Mental Health & Wellness Committee; Previously served on the Affinity Council

Legal work: Legal Intern at Saks Fifth Avenue, Intercollegiate Externship with Notre Dame's Athletic Department, Summer Associate at Trenk Isabel Siddiqi and Shahdanian P.C. in New Jersey.

Future plans and aspirations: I hope to practice transactional law after graduation. As I get further in my career, I aspire to work as in-house counsel.

Why did you choose NDLS? I chose Notre Dame for the community and strong alumni network. As a first generation college and law student, it was important for me to find mentors in the legal field. Since starting law school, Notre Dame has given me a supportive network of friends, faculty, and alumni. NDLS has also provided me with the opportunity to pursue my goals in an environment that values inclusion and belonging.