Check Application Status

Applicants to Notre Dame Law School receive access to an online status checker so that they may remain informed of their application’s review state. The Admissions Office provides students with access to this status checker via email after receipt of their application.

The Admissions Committee has developed the following glossary to assist applicants in understanding the status terms and processes. Applicants may contact the Admissions Office at or (574) 631-6626 with any questions.

Check Status Now


A student’s application will proceed through various stages between the time of submission and when the Admissions Committee issues a decision.

Application Incomplete – The application has been received but is not complete. The checklist can be used to determine what items are needed to complete the application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Application Complete – The application is complete and ready for review. It typically takes the Admissions Committee six-to-eight weeks to issue a decision after the application is complete.

Decision Made – The Admissions Committee has completed its review of the application and has issued a decision. We will notify candidates of their decision via email and will follow-up with a hard copy letter via mail.

Deposit Received – The admitted student has submitted their seat deposit and confirmation materials.

Declined Admission Offer – The applicant was offered admission but either decided not to attend or failed to provide their confirmation materials by the proper deadline.

Status on the Waitlist Confirmed – The applicant was offered further consideration through the waitlist process and has responded positively to that offer.

Declined Waitlist Consideration – An applicant was offered further consideration through the waitlist process and declined this offer.


Applicants will likely notice that dates change on the status checker even though the status itself does not change. This is simply an indication that the application is moving through the Admissions Committee’s evaluation process.

Application Checklist Items

The status checker provides a checklist of required documents. If a box is not checked, that indicates that the Admissions Office has not received and/or processed the document in question.

Letters of Recommendation

This section indicates the letters of recommendation the Admissions Office has received for the applicant.


This field reflects the current contact information the Admissions Office has on file for the student. Students may provide updated information to the Admissions Office via email at