Cite Checker Resources

Cite Checker Resources

Finding sources by type:

Books, Journal Titles, Reports, Proceedings, etc.

Journal Articles and Newspapers

  • E-journal locator — Non-law journal articles available in pdf or full text through the Hesburgh Library.
  • Google — Why not give it a try? See the advanced Google searching handout here
  • HeinOnline — Journal articles in pdf.
  • Historical Newspaper Databases — See the full list of historical newspaper databases available to you through Hesburgh Libraries.
  • Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective — For verifying cites for pre-1980 legal journal articles with links to HeinOnline for pdf versions.
  • Law Library Catalog — Use it to see if we have a journal in print.
  • Lexis Advance and Westlaw — Post-1985 articles (varies by publication) in full text (for verifying citations) but not in pdf.
  • ProQuest Recent Newspapers — Search this title in Hesburgh's ND Catalog. Includes (2008 – current) issues of Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post in pdf format. (There is a three-month embargo on recent articles.)
  • ProQuest Historical Newspapers — Full text of major American newspapers in pdf. To view the list of newspapers and date-ranges included in this database, click on the “Publications” link at the top left of the page (just below the ProQuest logo).

Court Documents

  • Supreme Court Cases from 1832–1978The Making of Modern Law: U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs database includes nearly 11 million pages of records and briefs brought before the U.S. Supreme Court during the final years of Chief Justice John Marshall’s Court through the first ten years of the Warren Court. It contains scanned images, so documents appear just as they do in the printed sources. Full-text searching is available and all documents for a particular case can be retrieved with the United States Reports citation.
  • Supreme Court Insight, 1975-2019: a complete collection of briefs, dockets, joint appendixes, oral arguments, opinions and other documents for each case decided by the Supreme Court during this time period. Also covers cases in which the petition for writ of certiorari was denied.
  • Docket Databases: “Dockets” databases are available for state and federal cases on Bloomberg LawLexis Advance, and Westlaw.
  • Dockets for Decided Cases: Some state and federal cases on Bloomberg LawLexis Advance, and Westlaw have links to docket sheets. Many of the underlying documents (complaint, indictment, petition for bankruptcy, motions, briefs, orders, etc.) for cases from the late 1990s–present* are available in the “Filings” tab on Westlaw and in the “Related Court Materials” link on Lexis AdvanceBloomberg Law, however, provides access to all available court documents for a case through direct links from the case’s docket sheet. *Additionally, many earlier state appellate court filings are archived on microfiche or microfilm and can be obtained through interlibrary loan from the state archives or state library.
  • Dockets for Pending Cases: All Federal court documents available on PACER (approximately all documents filed in the federal courts from 2006–present) are also available in the “Dockets” database on Bloomberg Law. Many state court documents are available too. However, for states without an electronic case filing system, many court documents must be obtained directly from the court.

Finding Sources by Jurisdiction

Federal Resources

  • — Bills and public laws in pdf.
  • Compilation of Presidential Documents — Combines the Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents and the Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents which are the official publications of statements, messages, and other presidential materials released by the White House Press Secretary (1993-present). The Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents is also available through HeinOnline (1965-present).
  • Federal Register and CFR — (HeinOnline) Administrative regulations, executive orders and proclamations.
  • govinfo — Congressional hearings (1995-present) and reports (1995-present).  
  • Making of Modern Law: U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs, 1832-1978 — Records and briefs brought before the U.S. Supreme Court during the final years of Chief Justice John Marshall’s Court through the first ten years of the Warren Court.
  • ProQuest Congressional — Bills, hearings, reports, committee prints, debates and public laws of the U.S. Congress from 1789-present are indexed by subject, title, personal names, document numbers, and more. Full text (PDF) is available for most documents. (Full text of all documents indexed also can be found in the law library’s microform collection.) Also contains compiled legislative histories for laws passed from 1969-present. Compare with ProQuest Legislative Insight containing much the same information - but only for enacted laws (1929 to present).
  • ProQuest Legislative Insight — Compiled federal legislative histories containing digital full-text versions of bills, Congressional Record debates, committee hearings, and reports for enacted U.S. Public Laws (1929 to present). Committee prints, CRSreports, and miscellaneous congressional publications are provided as background material. Presidential signing statements are also included.
  • ProQuest Regulatory Insight — Compiled regulatory histories associated with specific statutes and executive orders from 1936 to present. Organized by public law.
  • U.S. Reports — (HeinOnline) Official Supreme Court cases.
  • U.S. Statutes at Large and United States Code — (HeinOnline) Federal statutes. Update the U.S.C. with these classification tables listing sections of the U.S.C. affected by recently enacted laws
  • Westlaw — Unofficial federal cases in pdf.

State Resources

Foreign and International Law Resources

  • British History Online — Contains some of the core printed primary and secondary sources for the medieval and modern history of the British Isles.
  • English Reports — (HeinOnline) English case reports from 1220-1867.
  • Official Document System of the United Nations — Covers all types of official United Nations documentation, beginning in 1993. Older UN documents are added to the system on a daily basis.
  • UN Treaties — Scanned text of UN Treaty Series. Also includes separate database listing status of all treaties.