ND Law Professor Judith Fox appointed to new Indiana Commission on Equity and Access in the Court System

Author: Amanda Gray

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Notre Dame Law Professor Judith Fox will serve on a new commission created by the Indiana Supreme Court to foster public trust and confidence in the state’s courts.

The Indiana Commission on Equity and Access in the Court System, established by Indiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Loretta Rush, was created to independently review Indiana’s court systems, policies, and practices. In addition, members of the commission will identify areas needing improvement within the judicial system, and provide recommendations. The commission will provide a written report with recommendations by the end of 2022.

Fox directs Notre Dame Law School’s Economic Justice Clinic, a clinical program that focuses on consumer law issues primarily as they relate to housing.

“A fair and impartial judicial system is an essential pillar of any democracy. Unfortunately, the public has lost faith in the integrity of our system and, all too often, justice appears to favor those in positions of power,” Fox said. “I applaud the Indiana Supreme Court for creating this commission to examine the Indiana judicial system. I look forward to working with all the talented members of the commission in our effort to ensure a fairer, more equitable legal system in Indiana.”

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Judge Cristal Brisco ’06 J.D.

St. Joseph Superior Court Judge Cristal Brisco, a 2006 graduate of Notre Dame Law School, was also appointed to the commission. Brisco was a student in Fox’s clinic while at Notre Dame Law School.

“Professor Fox and Judge Brisco are the ideal advocates for this important work,” said G. Marcus Cole, the Joseph A. Matson Dean and Professor of Law at Notre Dame Law School. “With their knowledge of the court system and their ethical approach to legal practice, Professor Fox and Judge Brisco will help bring greater, more equal access to justice throughout Indiana.”

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