Judith Fox

Judith Fox

Clinical Professor Emerita of Law

Office: 1111 Eck Hall of Law
Phone: 574-631-7795
Fax: 574-631-6725
Email: Judith.L.Fox.30@nd.edu
Staff Assistant: Debbie Sumption
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Judith Fox joined the Notre Dame faculty in July of 1997. She has taught a variety of course including alternative dispute resolution, negotiations, housing law, consumer law, ethics and domestic violence. She ran the Economic Justice Clinic, a clinical program focusing on consumer law issues primarily as they relate to housing.

Prior to joining the faculty, Fox was the Deputy Director of Berrien County Legal Services in St. Joseph, Michigan. She graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science from Wilkes University. Fox worked in the banking industry in both Pennsylvania and Indiana before attending law school. She graduated magna cum laude from Notre Dame Law School in 1993, where she was the articles editor of the Notre Dame Law Review.

Fox served as a member of the Consumer Advisory Board of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She is a member of the legislative committee of the National Association of Consumer Advocates and served on the Advisory Board of the Indiana Foreclosure Assistance Project. Most recently, she has been appointed to be a reporter for the Uniform Law Commission’s project on post judgment debt collection. 

Fox is the author of a number of articles. Fox and Seton Hall Professor Linda Fisher authored The Foreclosure Echo: How the Hardest Hit have been Left Out of the Economic Relief, published by Cambridge in 2019.

Courses Taught

LAW75721, Economic Justice Project I

LAW75723, Economic Justice Project II

LAW70727, Negotiation

LAW75717, Alternative Dispute Resolution

LAW70319, Consumer Law



Foreclosure Echo:  How the Hardest Hit Have Been Left Out of the Economic Recovery, with Linda Fisher (Cambridge U. Press, 2019)


The Future of Foreclosure Law in the Wake of the Great Housing Crisis of 2007-2014, 54 Washburn Law Journal (2015) 

Rush to Judgment: How the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Fails to Protect Consumers in Judicial Collection, Vol. 13 Florida Business Law Rev. (2014) 

The Foreclosure Echo: How Abandoned Foreclosures are re-entering the market through Debt Buyers, 26 Loy. Consumer Law Rev 25, 2013 

Consumer Law Clinics: Community-Based Lawyering—A social Justice Response to the Financial Crisis, 20 Geo. J. Pov. L. & Pol’y 517-529 (2013) 

How Forum Determines Substance in Judicial Debt Collection, 31 Banking and Financial Services Rev. 11, August 2012 

Do We Have a Debt Collection Crisis? Some Cautionary Tales of Debt Collection in Indiana, 24 Loy. Consumer Law Rev. 355 (2012)

Areas of Expertise

  • Consumer Law
  • Cross-Cultural Counseling
  • Fair Debt Collection
  • Foreclosure
  • Negotiation
  • Predatory Lending