Judith Fox

Judith Fox

Clinical Professor of Law

Office: 1111 Eck Hall of Law
Phone: 574-631-7795
Fax: 574-631-6725
Email: Judith.L.Fox.30@nd.edu
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Judith Fox is a Clinical Professor of Law at the Notre Dame Law School, where she teaches and practices consumer law. Since joining the Notre Dame faculty 1997, she has taught courses in consumer law, alternative dispute resolution, ethics and domestic violence. Prior to joining the law school faculty, Fox was the deputy director of Berrien County Legal Services in St. Joseph, Michigan. Fox graduated from Notre Dame Law School, magna cum laude in 1993. She was the articles editor of the Notre Dame Law Review. Prior to attending law school, she was a loan officer at banks in both Pennsylvania and Indiana.

Fox runs the Economic Justice Clinic. Her advocacy and research focus on issues of predatory lending, primarily in the housing market. She is on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Consumer Advisory Board and the Advisory Board of the Indiana Foreclosure Legal Assistance Program, the predatory lending committee of the Bridges Out of Poverty Initiative and the National Association of Consumer Lawyers.

Courses Taught

LAW75721, Economic Justice Project I

LAW75723, Economic Justice Project II

LAW70727, Negotiation

LAW75717, Alternative Dispute Resolution

LAW70319, Consumer Law



The Future of Foreclosure Law in the Wake of the Great Housing Crisis of 2007-2014, 54 Washburn Law Journal (forthcoming, 2015) 

Rush to Judgment: How the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Fails to Protect Consumers in Judicial Collection, Vol. 13 Florida Business Law Rev. (2014) 

The Foreclosure Echo: How Abandoned Foreclosures are re-entering the market through Debt Buyers, 26 Loy. Consumer Law Rev 25, 2013 

Consumer Law Clinics: Community-Based Lawyering—A social Justice Response to the Financial Crisis, 20 Geo. J. Pov. L. & Pol’y 517-529 (2013) 

How Forum Determines Substance in Judicial Debt Collection, 31 Banking and Financial Services Rev. 11, August 2012 

Do We Have a Debt Collection Crisis? Some Cautionary Tales of Debt Collection in Indiana, 24 Loy. Consumer Law Rev. 355 (2012)

Areas of Expertise

  • Consumer Law
  • Cross-Cultural Counseling
  • Fair Debt Collection
  • Foreclosure
  • Negotiation
  • Predatory Lending

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