Charity law scholars from around the world will gather in London for Notre Dame workshop

Author: Notre Dame Law School

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Notre Dame Law School will host the Charity Law Workshop on September 23-24 at the University of Notre Dame’s London Global Gateway.

Charity law determines what entities qualify as “charities,” which makes them eligible to receive special legal treatment in a variety of areas. It is an increasingly important area of law because of the growth in many countries of the number and importance of civil society organizations seeking legal status as charities. It also is an increasingly important area because many countries are using charity law to control or limit the activities of charities. Yet the international study of charity law has not kept pace with these developments, even though many countries share common issues relating to charity law.

Notre Dame Law Professor Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer, an expert on nonprofit groups, organized the Charity Law Workshop to provide an opportunity for charity law scholars from a variety of countries to share their ongoing work and to develop an international charity law network. University of Liverpool Professor Debra Morris and University of Melbourne Dean Matthew Harding also helped organize the workshop.

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Professor Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer

Existing charity law conferences tend to focus on charity law in a single country, with little to no attention paid to charity law developments in other countries. Existing nonprofit academic conferences tend to primarily focus on non-legal, social science research. The workshop will fill the gap left by these gatherings.

“The workshop is an exciting opportunity for charity law scholars from five continents to learn from each other and to lay the groundwork for future collaborations,” Mayer said. “It is a first step for improving both the study and the development of charity law around the world.”

Leading and emerging charity law scholars from all parts of the world will participate in the workshop:

  • Sue Barker | Director, Sue Barker Charities Law
  • Warren Barr | Interim Dean & Professor, University of Liverpool
  • Jenny Beard | Associate Professor, University of Melbourne
  • Oonagh Breen | Professor, University College Dublin
  • Kathryn Chan | Associate Professor, University of Victoria
  • Matthew Harding | Dean, University of Melbourne
  • Jill Horwitz | Professor, University of California Los Angeles
  • Giedre Lideikyte Huber | Senior Lecturer, University of Geneva
  • Rosemary Langford | Professor, University of Melbourne
  • Rebecca Lee | Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong
  • Dejian Li | Assistant Professor, Zhejiang University of Technology
  • Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer | Professor, University of Notre Dame
  • Lara McMurtry | Reader in Law Keele University
  • Debra Morris | Professor, University of Liverpool
  • Ian Murray | Associate Professor, University of Western Australia
  • Jane Calderwood Norton | Senior Lecturer, University of Auckland
  • Adam Parachin | Professor, York University
  • John Picton | Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool
  • Dana Brakman Reiser | Professor, Brooklyn Law School
  • Alceste Santuari | Associate Professor, University of Bologna
  • Mark Sidel | Professor, University of Wisconsin
  • Jennifer Sigafoos | Senior Lecturer, University of Liverpool
  • Mary Synge | Fellow, Universities of Liverpool & Melbourne
  • Masayuki Tamaruya | Professor, University of Tokyo
  • Hang Wu Tang | Professor, Singapore Management University
  • Mukami Wangai | Lecturer, Strathmore Law School