Professor Richard Garnett Recognized at Notre Dame Football Game

Author: Lauren Love


Richard Garnett, Paul J. Schierl/Fort Howard Corporation Professor of Law and Director of the Program on Church, State & Society, was recently honored by the University as a 2015 Featured Faculty member during the Notre Dame football game against the University of Texas Longhorns. He was recognized during the second half of the game in an on-field ceremony at Notre Dame Stadium and invited to enjoy the third quarter from the Notre Dame sideline.

The University recognizes outstanding faculty who are taking ideas about teaching, research, and mission and putting them into practice on a daily basis with students and colleagues.

Garnett teaches and writes about constitutional law and religious freedom. His areas of research interest include Catholic social thought, church/state relations, and free speech. He is a regular contributor to national print and broadcast media and he writes for several law-related blogs, including “Mirror of Justice,” and “PrawfsBlawg.”

“The aims of law are to make it possible for persons and communities to live and flourish together by promoting justice,” Garnett wrote. “To achieve these aims, though, the practice of law must be animated by a deep commitment to the bedrock fact that every person matters.

“The “different kind of lawyer” Notre Dame works to form understands this. A Notre Dame lawyer sees the practice and profession of law as a vocation—a calling—and not just a career. That is why, more than 15 years after I came here, I am still happy and proud to call Notre Dame home.”