Paul Miller publishes 'Civil Wrongs and Justice in Private Law' with Oxford University Press

Author: Notre Dame Law School

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Professor Paul Miller and Professor John Oberdiek of Rutgers Law School have published an important new collection of essays on private law theory with Oxford University Press.

The recently released volume – Civil Wrongs and Justice in Private Law – includes leading voices in the field from six countries and four continents. Chapters collected in the volume address questions about the nature of, and relationship between, civil wrongs and justice in private law from the perspective of different fields of private law, from tort and property law, to contract law and equity.

Drafts of the chapters were presented at a workshop at Rutgers that was jointly supported by the Notre Dame Program on Private Law and the Rutgers Institute for Law and Philosophy

Professor Miller contributed a chapter – Torts Against the State – co-authored with NDLS colleague Professor Jeffrey Pojanowski. Chapters were also contributed by:

•    María Guadalupe Martinez Alles, Universidad de San Andrés
•    Ahson Azmat, Boies Schiller Fletcher LLP
•    Nicolas Cornell, University of Michigan
•    Christopher Essert, University of Toronto
•    Lee Fennell, University of Chicago
•    Kimberly Kessler Ferzan, University of Virginia
•    Andrew S. Gold, Brooklyn Law School
•    John C.P. Goldberg, Harvard Law School
•    Ori J. Herstein, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
•    Larissa Katz, University of Toronto
•    Gregory C. Keating, University of Southern California
•    Liam B. Murphy, New York University
•    John Oberdiek, Rutgers University
•    David Owens, King’s College London
•    James E. Penner, National University of Singapore 
•    Matthew Shapiro, Hofstra University
•    Adam Slavny, University of Warwick
•    Stephen A. Smith, McGill University
•    Findlay Stark, University of Cambridge
•    Victor Tadros, University of Warwick
•    Benjamin Zipursky, Fordham University

The Notre Dame Program on Private Law collaborates on leading national and international research in private law. Drawing on the broad strength of Notre Dame faculty working in private law, the Program has enabled the Law School’s rise to prominence as one of the leading centers for private law scholarship in the United States.