ND Law’s Program on Church, State & Society helps Christian attorneys through the Legal Vocation Fellowship

Author: Arienne Calingo


The Legal Vocation Fellowship (LVF), a new initiative co-sponsored by Notre Dame Law School’s Program on Church, State & Society and the Carver Project, aims to support early-career attorneys seeking to integrate Christian faith into the practice of law. The fellowship will enable selected attorneys to participate in a range of in-person and online sessions over the course of 15 months from 2023-24. LVF’s core values include a commitment to nonpartisanship, multiethnic diversity, and being distinctively and broadly Christian. This new project is also supported by the Pepperdine Caruso School of Law and the Nootbaar Institute on Law, Religion & Ethics.

The core faculty of the LVF consists of nationally recognized law professors who will lead foundational sessions on law, theology, and vocation: Rick Garnett of Notre Dame Law School, John Inazu of Washington University School of Law, Ruth Okediji of Harvard Law School, Elizabeth Schiltz of the University of St. Thomas Law School, and David Skeel of the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School.  

“We are excited to help Christian lawyers flourish through the Legal Vocation Fellowship,” shared Garnett, the founding director of Notre Dame Law School’s Program on Church, State, and Society.