Judge Kavanaugh Comes to NDLS

Author: Charles Williams

students_with_judge_kavanugh D.C. Circuit Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh gave the keynote address for the 2013 Notre Dame Law Review Symposium November 1 in the Patrick F. McCartan Courtroom. The presentation was sponsored by the Notre Dame Law Review, the Notre Dame Program on Constitutional Structure, and the Clynes Chair in Judicial Ethics.

Afterward, the Federalist Society hosted Judge Kavanaugh for a question and answer session moderated by NDLS Professor William K. Kelley.

The Law Review Symposium, entitled “The Evolution of Theory: Discerning the Catalysts of Constitutional Change” opened with remarks by NDLS Professor A.J. Bellia. Three panels of leading scholars, including NDLS Professor Barry Cushman, then delveed into some of the major doctrinal shifts in constitutional law: the Lochner/New Deal “switch in time”; the rights revolution of the Warren and Burger Courts; and the conservative revival of the Rehnquist and Roberts Courts. Offering commentary on the panel discussions was University of Chicago Law Professor David A. Strauss and NDLS Professors Kelley and Amy Coney Barrett.

Photo from left to right: Krista Pikus, Francesca Genova, Judge Kavanaugh, Patrick Cassidy