Fighting for Global Justice

Author: Kyle Fitzenreiter

What Would You Fight For?

Educating a different kind of lawyer. For the Law School at the University of Notre Dame, it’s more than a motto; it’s a mission. Reyam El-Molla, LL.M. ’12, witnessed firsthand the revolution in Egypt. While Egyptians initially stood up peacefully for their rights, a violent backlash resulted in the imprisonment and killing of many innocent protesters. With her country at a crossroads, Reyam is using the legal training she received through Notre Dame Law Schools Center for Civil and Human Rights and its LL.M. program in international human rights law to make a real difference at home.

Directed by Prof. Paolo Carozza, the center prepares a select group of international human rights lawyers to defend human rights and to transform the legal, social, and economic contexts in which they are violated. Hailing from developing and war-torn countries around the world, most students receive substantial scholarship support. No other university invests so generously in the training of international human rights lawyers.

Whether in an international court in the Netherlands, in a parish in Guatemala, or on the frontlines of the Egyptian revolution, Notre Dame graduates are there. Notre Dame asks you “What Would You Fight For?”