Dual Degrees

Notre Dame Law students have several opportunities to combine the study of law with another academic discipline, earning two degrees at the end of their course of study. These dual-degree programs include the J.D./MBA, the J.D./Master's of Arts in English, the J.D./Master's of Engineering, and the J.D./Master's of Global Affairs.

Enrollment in these programs requires the student to apply to and be admitted by both the Law School and the particular graduate program. Students who wish to pursue dual-degree programs different from these three may do so with the permission of the Law School and the appropriate graduate program.

Three-Year J.D./MBA Dual Degree Program

Students enrolled in Notre Dame’s accelerated three-year program can earn both a J.D. and an MBA in a total of three years. For example, a dual-degree student in the three-year program who matriculates in Fall 2019 will be able to graduate in May 2022 with both J.D. and MBA degrees.

As with Notre Dame’s four-year dual-degree J.D./MBA program, the three-year program requires students to apply independently to both the JD program and the MBA program. In addition, however, students applying to the three-year program also must meet the requirements for participation in Notre Dame’s one-year MBA degree program.

Law students in the three-year program must complete the same number of credits for their MBA as required for students who are only participating in the one-year MBA degree program (currently 46) but may count up to 11 Law School credits toward this total. Dual degree students would also be required to complete 90 credits for the J.D. degree, toward which up to 15 MBA credits may be counted.


  • J.D. program Application information
  • Application information for the one-year MBA degree program
  • Students accepted into both programs may take the one-year MBA summer courses during the summer after either their first or second year of law school.
  • In their first year of studies, students will enroll in the normal 1L curriculum at Notre Dame Law School.
  • After the summer in which they take MBA courses, students will take a mix of Law School and MBA courses.
  • To receive both J.D. and MBA degrees in three years, participating students must complete:
    • 75 credits from Law School courses (including 1L and other required courses)
    • 35 credits from MBA courses (including summer and other required courses)
  • Interested students with any questions regarding the program or application process are encouraged to call the NDLSAdmissions Office at (574) 631-6626 or e-mail lawadmit@nd.edu.

Four-Year J.D./MBA Dual Degree Program

In 1970, the Law School and the graduate division of the University’s Mendoza College of Business introduced a combined four-year program of study leading to the degrees of juris doctor and master of business administration. Students in this dual-degree program divide their time between the Law School and the Mendoza College of Business, studying the full curriculum of both schools. The reduction by one year of what normally would be a five-year program of study is achieved by allowing certain common courses and some elective courses to count toward both degrees.

A student in the dual J.D./MBA Program will be required to complete successfully 75 hours of Law School courses and 48 hours of MBA courses to receive the respective degrees. The Law School will accept 15 credit hours of MBA courses toward completion of the JD degree. Concurrently, the Mendoza College of Business will accept 16 credit hours of law courses toward the MBAdegree requirements.

The MBA program is under the direction of the graduate division of the Mendoza College of Business. The business curriculum combines an intensive study of basic business disciplines with the decision-making experience of case analysis in a unique enterprise workshop and emphasizes a close working relationship between faculty and students.

Students who wish to participate in the dual J.D./MBA program must be accepted for admission by both the Law School and the graduate division of the Mendoza College of Business.

You may obtain more information about the MBA program from the MBA Admissions Office and via the Dual MBA Degrees page.

J.D./Master's of Arts in English

In 1991, the Law School and the Department of English instituted a program that allows J.D. students to earn an M.A. in English. To complete the MA, students typically take 21 hours of English courses and count nine hours of courses within the JD curriculum toward the M.A. degree. Normally, program participants would pursue the non-research M.A.; those who opt for the research M.A. must also complete an additional six hours of thesis research.

Since the Law School allows nine hours of electives, program participants may complete nine of the required 21 hours of course work in English during the regular three-year course of study toward the J.D. degree. The other 12 hours may be completed by enrolling for an additional semester after completing the J.D. degree. Upon admission to the program, the student creates a program of study with the advice of the director of graduate studies in English and the assistant dean for students in the Law School. The program of studies is coordinated by the Graduate School.

The program is open only to students already admitted to the Law School. Program participants must be admitted to the program through the procedures of the Graduate School and the Department of English.

To apply, please contact the Graduate School.

J.D./Master’s of Engineering

The dual degree program in engineering and law is designed for law students who are interested in pursuing careers in patent, environmental, telecommunications or similar law specialties. The dual degree program can be completed in three years and upon completion students will receive both a J.D. and Master’s of Engineering. The engineering degree will have a concentration in one of the engineering disciplines offered by Notre Dame’s division of engineering (e.g., electrical engineering, chemical and biomolecular engineering). Candidates must complete a minimum of 99 credit hours, including 75 hours in law and 24 in the engineering program.

To be eligible for admission, students must (i) have a bachelor of science in an ABET accredited engineering or computer science program (ii) take both the LSAT and GRE, and (iii) be accepted for admission by both the Law School and the Graduate School’s Division of Engineering. Students must apply to both the Law School and the Graduate School’s Division of Engineering.

For an application, please contact the Graduate School.

Four-Year J.D./Master's of Global Affairs

The J.D./M.G.A. program allows students to earn a J.D. from Notre Dame Law School and a Master of Global Affairs (M.G.A.) from the Keough School of Global Affairs. The program exposes students interested in law to skills and concepts from the social sciences and other disciplines relevant to future practice in a global world.

The program is particularly suitable for students who are firmly committed to legal practice and who want to specialize in matters with a transnational focus and those who want to open the lawyer’s route to a career influencing international policy. The dual degree will make students uniquely qualified for a career with the government, multinational corporations, law firms, nongovernmental organizations, and international organizations.

A student in the dual J.D./M.G.A. program will be required to complete the requirements of both degrees. The J.D. requires 90 total credit hours of coursework. Fifteen credit hours taken in the Keough School of Global Affairs may be counted toward the total credit hours required for the J.D. (J.D. 75 + M.G.A. 15 = 90).

The M.G.A. requires 48 credit hours, including mandatory courses in Economics, Methods of Analysis, Global Actors, four integration labs, and two foundational seminars (totaling 24 credit hours). Nine credit hours taken in the J.D. program may be counted toward the total credit hours required for the M.G.A. (9 J.D. + 39 M.G.A. = 48). Three of the J.D. credits counted in the M.G.A. must come from a course in International Law.

To participate in the dual J.D./M.G.A. program, students must apply separately to the Law School and Keough School and be accepted for admission by both schools. Prospective students may submit their applications at the same time or they may apply to one program after having already enrolled in the other.

Each School will evaluate applications independently, using the criteria applied to other candidates for that program.

For more information regarding the program or application process call the NDLS Admissions Office at (574) 631-6626 or e-mail lawadmit@nd.edu.

Other Dual Degrees

Where appropriate and with the approval of the department involved, other dual-degree programs may be fashioned to suit individual interests or needs. Typically, approval for such programs requires consultation with the assistant dean for students in the Law School and the appropriate administrator in the other graduate department or program. For information, please contact the Graduate School.