Students to Share Tips on Landing Work in Target Markets

Author: Amanda Gray

For the first time, the Notre Dame Law School Career Development Office will partner with the SBA CDO Committee to host a series of panels focusing on specific markets led by current students who’ve landed summer or post-graduation positions, to help 1L and 2L students to learn from their peers.

“Sometimes it’s most effective and relatable to hear from a person that’s just experienced this in the last year,” said Vincent Versagli, CDO director. “Every market is a little bit different. In doing this, we hope to give students a concrete idea of what to expect and how to be successful.”

The 11 panels will span a little more than two weeks and will focus on markets in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Chicago, Denver, southern California, San Francisco, Texas, Pittsburgh, New York City, and Washington, D.C. A CDO staff member will help moderate each student panel, and staff members are always available for one-on-one career counseling, as well.

“The summer is a really important time in a student’s job search, and we want them to make the most of it,” Versagli said. “We want them to see that you can use the summer in a productive way to advance your career goals.”

All panels will start as 12:30 p.m., except Friday’s panel, which will begin at 1:30 p.m.

Panels include:
Ohio and Washington, D.C.
Monday, April 3: Panelists Seth Bostrom, 3L, Justin Stoll, 2L, and Luke White, 2L, speak about Ohio markets, specifically Cincinnati and Cleveland, in 2171 Eck; Brandon Haase, 2L, Brent Murphy, 2L, and Sami Lyew, 3L, speak about Washington, D.C., in 3140 Eck.

Michigan and Denver
Tuesday, April 4: Yvonne Kupfermann, 3L, Toufic Saati, 3L, and Shannon Lewry, 2L, speak about Michigan markets, specifically Grand Rapids and Detroit, in 2173 Eck; A.J. Martinez, 2L, and Bobby Thalman, 2L, speak about Denver in 2108 Eck.

Friday, April 7: Seth Yarkony, 3L, John Drosick, 3L, Carlos Cisneros Vilchis, 3L, and Alyssa Phillips, 3L, speak about Chicago in 1310 Biolchini.

Southern California and Indianapolis
Tuesday, April 11: Liam Gallagher, 3L, Samantha Kingman, 3L, Kyle Maury, 3L, Karley Buckley, 2L, and Katherine Forbes, 3L, speak about southern California markets, specifically Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, in 2173 Eck; Matt Ciulla, 3L, Lauren Nottoli, 3L, and Jim Schwabe, 3L, speak about Indianapolis in 2108 Eck.

San Francisco and Pittsburgh
Thursday, April 13: Catherine Malone, 2L, and Bryan Pearson, 3L, speak about San Francisco in 2173 Eck; Shane LaBarge, 2L, and Mike Gallagher, 3L, speak about Pittsburgh in 2108 Eck.

Texas and New York City
Tuesday April 18: Stephen Cord, 3L, Megan Davis, 3L, and Hannah Weger, 2L, speak about Texas markets, specifically Austin, Dallas, and Houston, in 2108 Eck; Lauren Kuehn, 3L, Tom McHugh, 3L, Patrick Nicoll, 2L, and Tom Roman, 3L, speak about New York City in 1315 Biolchini.