Student Spotlight: 2L Lizzy Forzley

Author: Jonathan Bailey

Lizzy Forzley Ss

Meet 2L Lizzy Forzley! She is actively involved in many of our student organizations and is pursuing a dual JD/MBA degree. She is from Lemont, IL and attended Indiana University-Bloomington for undergrad. 

Activities at Notre Dame:

  • Secretary, Student Bar Association 
  • Alumni Relations Director, Women's Legal Forum
  • Secretary, Business Law Forum 

Q: What is your favorite class? 

Constitutional Law with Professor Bellia. Seeing how the foundation of our nation continues to be at the forefront of law today is amazing.

Q: Where is your your favorite spot on campus? 

The Grotto of our Lady of the Lourdes .I always make it the halfway point when I go for a run. I stop to take a breath and say a prayer.

What are your Summer 2L plans? 

I will be a Summer Associate at Chapman and Cutler LLP in Chicago. I participated in their Transactional Law Competition last year.