Professor Seckinger Leads São Paulo Mini-Course on Questioning Fact Witnesses

Author: Charles Williams


Professor James H. Seckinger was in São Paulo, Brazil, March 23-25 as part of the first Foundation for International Arbitration Advocacy Mini-Course ever to be offered in South America.

Participants were Brazilians lawyers, and the faculty were practicing international arbitration lawyers and arbitrators from São Paulo, Santiago, Toronto, Ottawa, Paris, London, New York, Washington DC, and South Bend Indiana.

Professor Seckinger designed, directed and was the lead faculty for the mini-course on Questioning of Fact Witnesses in International Arbitration. He also designed and directed a faculty teacher training workshop to ensure consistency of teaching among a faculty of diverse practicing lawyers and arbitrators.

Professor Seckinger is the lead author of the Case File and Reference Materials used in the mini-course. He is the sole author of the Drill Exercises on Fundamental Questioning Techniques and the Faculty Teacher Training materials and received the Osgoode Professional Development award from the American CLE Association for his Advanced Questioning Techniques Program.