Prof. Judith Fox Speaks on Mortgage Foreclosure, Wins Community Award

Author: Charles Williams


On October 28, Prof. Judith Fox is presenting on multiple panels at the Indiana Continuing Legal Education Foundation’s program, “MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE: Where Do We Go From Here?” In addition to being live in Indianapolis, the program will also be available via a Webcast hosted by the Allen County Bar Association.

On October 11 Prof. Fox was a speaker at a prep seminar for the 9th Annual Talk to a Lawyer Today program. There she helped prepare attorneys for the Jan. 17, 2011, Talk to a Lawyer Today call-in program at which each volunteer lawyer agrees to help staff a statewide toll free call-in site at the Indiana State Bar Association Office in Indianapolis and also agrees to take a pro bono case.

On October 8 she was interviewed and quoted for an MSNBC news story about revelations that some mortgage lenders have used so-called “robo signers” to sign foreclosure orders without actually reading them. In the article Prof. Fox noted that because this practice could put the validity of some mortgage documents into question, borrowers may discover they have more leverage to seek loan modifications rather than lose their homes through foreclosure.

On October 7, she appeared on WNIT’s “Ask an Expert” for an hour-long TV show on mortgage foreclosure

On September 30, Prof. Fox received the St. Joseph Valley Project’s Community Achievement Award at the project’s 12th Annual Jobs and Justice Dinner in Mishawaka, IN. In announcing the award the project noted that “When not teaching, in court, or at the law clinic, Judy is in high demand throughout the community, speaking and educating people on their rights, the law, and how the recent changes in banking credit and housing laws can affect their lives. Her expertise in the area of foreclosure law has saved many family homes in the current economic climate.”