Notre Dame conference on adult/non-embryonic stem cell research draws leading scholars

Author: Shannon Roddel

Stem Cell Workshop story Some of the world’s leading scholars across a variety of relevant disciplines are visiting the University of Notre Dame for a week-long “Workshop on Adult and Non-embryonic Stem Cell Research,” being held on campus through July 2.

“The initiative seeks to demonstrate that respect for the equal dignity of every human being – from conception to natural death – and a commitment to excellence and rigor in research are both integral and complementary goods necessary to pursuing the proper ends of biomedical science,” said Carter Snead, professor of law and one of the workshop leaders.

In conjunction with the workshop, an afternoon lecture series, “Alternate Visions of Stem Cell Research: Scientific, Ethical, Legal & Theological Dimensions” is open to the public at 4 p.m. each day in the Patrick F. McCartan Courtroom in the Eck Hall of Law. A list of topics is available here.

Snead and Emeritus Professor Phillip Sloan of Notre Dame’s Department of History and Philosophy of Science and Program of Liberal Studies are leading the workshop and hosting the week’s public events, which are part of a University-wide effort to develop a center for high-level interdisciplinary work on the various dimensions of human developmental biology.

A complete schedule of speakers and events is available here.

Hosted by Notre Dame’s Initiative on Adult Stem Cell Research and Ethics, the conference is sponsored by numerous campus groups, including the Office of the President.

As the premier American Catholic research university, Notre Dame is ideally suited for this work with strong departments in biology, engineering, law, theology, philosophy, and the history and philosophy of science, as well as scholars in each component with expertise in all aspects of stem cell research.

Originally published by Shannon Chapla at on June 28, 2011.