NDLS 2L Chosen for Midwest Bankruptcy Recognition

Author: Amanda Gray


Charles Sterrett, a rising 2L at Notre Dame Law School, was recently chosen as one of the Distinguished Law Students who will participate in the 2017 Midwest Regional Bankruptcy Seminar.

Students must be nominated by a professor or dean to be considered for the honor. Mark Telloyan and Dan Murray, two adjunct professors at the Law School, nominated Sterrett. Nell Jessup Newton, the Joseph A. Matson Dean of the Law School, supported the application with a letter.

“Charles is a spectacular student; prepared, full of questions, and able to grasp abstract concepts in short order,” Telloyan wrote in his nomination. “This past spring as a 1L, he not only enrolled in my bankruptcy class — typically considered an upper-level elective — but tied for the highest grade.”

Sterrett said Telloyan deserves credit for his success in the class.

“He made the topic fun,” Sterrett said. “When I entered law school, I didn’t have an idea on what I wanted to do. Now, it’s definitely a frontrunner for me after graduation.”

The award means that Sterrett will be invited to and recognized at the annual seminar in August in Cincinnati. Sterrett, who is from Illinois, said he intends to practice in the Midwest upon graduation.

For more information on the Midwest Regional Bankruptcy Seminar, visit the event’s website.