ND Law Professors and Constitutional Law Scholars Discuss Constitutional Interpretation at London Roundtable

Author: Denise Wager

"The Notre Dame Law School Program on Constitutional Structure":http://constitutional-structure.nd.edu/ is hosting a roundtable discussion on Friday, Feb. 5 at the Notre Dame London Law Centre. The roundtable will bring leading American constitutional law scholars with counterparts from Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Italy, and New Zealand for a thought-provoking discussion on Comparative Perspectives in Constitutional Interpretation.   

Presentations will include:

Constitutional Statutes and (Constitutional) Interpretation presented by Richard Ekins, University of Oxford, with comments by Randy Kozel, Notre Dame Law School.   

Congressional Originalism presented by Amy Coney Barrett and John Nagle, Notre Dame Law School, with comments by Nick Barber, University of Oxford.

The Due Process Understanding of the Civil Rights Act presented by Kurt Lash, University of Illinois College of Law, with comments by Oran Doyle, Trinity College Dublin.   

Bottom-Up and Top-Down Constitutional Conventions presented by Adam Perry and Adam Tucker, University of Oxford and University of York Law School, with comments by Tara Leigh Grove, William & Mary Law School.

The Law of Interpretation presented by Stephen Sachs, Duke Law School, with comments by John Finnis, Notre Dame Law School.

Enduring Originalism presented by Jeff Pojanowski [and Kevin Walsh in absentia] Notre Dame Law School [and Richmond Law School], with comments by Andrea Pin, University of Padua.

Other participants include Notre Dame Law School professors, Anthony Bellia, Barry Cushman, and William Kelley.