Gregory “Ryan” Snyder, J.D. ‘12, named Bristow Fellow

Author: Charles Williams

Gregory “Ryan” Snyder (J.D. ’12) is one of five recent law school graduates nationwide to be selected as a 2013 Bristow Fellow.

Bristow Fellows assist attorneys in the Office of the Solicitor General in drafting briefs in opposition to certiorari filed against the government in the Supreme Court of the United States, preparing petitions for certiorari and briefs on the merits in Supreme Court cases, preparing recommendations to the Solicitor General regarding authorization of government appeals in the lower courts, and assisting in the preparation of oral arguments in the Supreme Court.

“The Office of Solicitor General is one of the best places to learn to write legal briefs,” said Snyder. “Writing is one of the most important legal skills.”

Snyder will begin the fellowship when he finishes his current judicial clerkship with Judge Raymond M. Kethledge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.

Snyder graduated from Notre Dame Law School (NDLS) in 2012. “The faculty at NDLS do a great job of preparing you for the law. Having clerked and worked in the legal industry themselves, they have first-hand knowledge and experience in these opportunities.”

After his fellowship, Snyder’s long-term goals include possibly following in these faculty footsteps by teaching law.

More information about the Bristow Fellowship program is available on the Justice Department’s website.