NDLS Announces New Program of Study in IP Law

Author: Charles Williams

Mark McKenna

The Law School has approved a new Program of Study in Intellectual Property and Technology Law, Dean Nell Jessup Newton has announced.

“We have a well-deserved and growing reputation for having an outstanding IP curriculum,” Dean Newton said, “and this program is a reflection of that.”

Designed to prepare students for practice in a wide variety of intellectual property-related fields, the program includes basic and advanced courses in patent, copyright, trademark and unfair competition as well as courses in related fields such as design, cyberlaw, and antitrust. Faculty members include a strong core of nationally known scholars supplemented by prominent practicing IP lawyers. The latter serve as adjunct professors and bring their specialized expertise to the classroom while providing valuable mentoring and networking opportunities for students.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office recently invited the Law School’s Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship Clinic into their certification pilot program, and thus NDLS students may now practice intellectual property law before the USPTO.

The director of the Intellectual Property program, Professor and Associate Dean Mark P. McKenna, noted that increasing numbers of students have become interested in developing an expertise in this specialty, which, he said, makes good sense, “since IP is now a rapidly expanding field that needs more good attorneys.”

More information about the NDLS Program of Study in Intellectual Property and Technology Law is available on the program’s web page.