Class of 2018 creates first Notre Dame Law School time capsule

Author: Amanda Gray

2018 time capsule

Notre Dame Law School’s Class of 2018 will preserve memories from their three years as law students for decades to come, thanks to a new time capsule created by the students.

The container is engraved with “Class of 2018” and will store mementos voted on by the students, according to Student Bar Association President Athena Aherrera. This is a first for the Law School and will hopefully continue for future graduating classes.

“The whole point of these items in the capsule is to remind us of our experiences and memories and to evoke feelings that we felt during those specific instances,” Aherrera said. “It could be feelings that we felt individually or something that our classmates could have felt, as well. It is definitely a fun, great, and sentimental way to commemorate some of our experiences that we shared together in law school.”

Athena Aherrera holding time capsule

Items in the time capsule include:

  • Class photos, digitized on a portable USB drive
  • One of Professor Jay Tidmarsh’s colorful ties (Professor Tidmarsh is known to many in this class for his excellent teaching and comparable fashion sense.)
  • Digital video of Professor Julian Velasco walking his usual path while reading his iPad on the second floor of Eck Hall of Law (His daily path around the atrium is often spoofed during the Father Mike Show and is well known to many.)
  • Photograph of the “Lawyer Like a Champion Today” shirts that Notre Dame Law students wore to the Fighting Irish football games in 2017
  • Memorabilia commemorating the various Supreme Court justices who visited during the class’s time at Notre Dame Law School
  • A bottle of scotch to be used for toasts at a future reunion

The capsule will be sealed and stored in the Kresge Law Library by Library Director Thomas Mills. Members of the Class of 2018 can open the time capsule when they return to campus for reunions, events, football games, and other occasions.