CCHR Attorneys Participate in Strategic Convening on Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment

Author: Susan Good

Stefan Convening cchr As part of the CCHR’s continuing efforts to promote human rights locally, two CCHR attorneys participated in a strategic convening on ending cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment by U.S. officials. The convening was hosted by the Midwest Coalition for Human Rights in Chicago, Illinois on February 17th and 18th 2011. More than 120 human rights advocates and practitioners from across the Midwest attended the convening, which focused on incorporating international mechanisms and human rights standards into domestic advocacy in the areas of solitary confinement, law enforcement misuse of Tasers, long term sentencing of youth, and immigrant detention. Participants heard testimony from victims of the four highlighted human rights issues, received training on the international human rights framework and developed tactical tools to for new advocacy approaches to these issues.

Stefan Hayek, a CCHR Research Associate, presented on the human rights implications of police use and misuse of Tasers. “The convening sought to bridge the gap between international mechanisms and domestic human rights movements and introduce advocates to available, but often overlooked international tools,” said Prof. Sean O’Brien, CCHR Assistant Director and a member of the convening’s organizing committee. “These mechanisms, together with the innovative tactical tools, encourage advocates to develop new and creative approaches to domestic advocacy.”

More information on the strategic convening and the Midwest Coalition is available here: