Biolchini Hall Dedication

Author: Susan Good

Biolchini Hall Dedication: A Special Edition of the Law Library Newsletter.

Through the generosity of the Biolchini family and many other great benefactors to this building project of such great importance to the advancement of legal education at Our Lady’s University, the Kresge Law Library within the Biolchini Hall of Law, is a grand place for “reading, study, or reference.” In fact, we have over twenty study rooms, 150 carrels, and seating ranging from plush couches to desk chairs, providing spaces of many varieties for our library patrons and other guests. We also have great rectangular tables in the middle of a Main Reading Room surrounded by circular ones in alcoves that recreate the signature space within the 1930 Law School. For our many graduates, the Main Reading Room will look somewhat familiar, although the chandeliers replicate ones long gone from the space. Beyond that, most of it will look modern and quite different. We want to extend an invitation to all of our alumni to return to our campus and especially to this room. It cannot be truly experienced any other way. -Ed Edmonds

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