Avishalom Tor edits new book, ‘Consumer Law and Economics’

Author: Denise Wager

Avishalom Tor 2019

Avishalom Tor, professor of law and director of the Research Program on Law and Market Behavior at Notre Dame Law School, along with Prof. Dr. Klaus Mathis, faculty of law at the University of Lucerne, have co-edited a new book, Consumer Law and Economics.

The volume is based on papers presented at the 2019 Law and Economics Conference at the University of Lucerne. Tor and Mathis co-organize the annual conference, which attracts numerous scholars from around the world to present papers and discuss a timely law and economics issue. This conference focused on consumer law and economics, specifically on neoclassical and behavioural economics approaches to consumer law and how to apply these approaches to current issues.

Consumer Law and Economics covers the challenges currently faced by consumer law in Europe and the United States, ranging from fundamental theoretical questions, such as what goals consumer law should pursue, to practical questions raised by disclosure requirements, the General Data Protection Regulation, and technology advancements.

Tor also authored the opening chapter of the book, “The Target Opportunity Costs of Successful Nudges.”

More information about the book, including a free preview, can be found here.