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Prof. Snead wins adult stem cell research grant

p(image-right). !/assets/2824/snead_news.jpg(carter snead news)! Notre Dame Associate Professor of Law O. Carter Snead, along with Professor Philip Sloan in Notre Dame’s Program of Liberal Studies and Graduate Program in History...

Prof. Garnett invited to speak at Ethics and Culture conference

p(image-right). !/assets/5168/garnettr_8_08_news.jpg(Rick Garnett fall08 news)! The Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture invited Professor of Law Rick Garnett to speak at the Center’s 10th annual fall conference, “The Summons...

Yale Univ. Press Publishes Book by Prof. N. Garnett

p(image-right). !/assets/4242/garnettn_9_08_news.jpg(Nicole Garnett news)! Find out more here "":