3L Jennie Christensen awarded Visionary Scholarship

Author: Amanda Gray


Jennie Christensen, a third-year student at Notre Dame Law School, was awarded the 2019 Visionary Scholarship from Christmas Injury Lawyers, a law firm based in South Carolina.

Christensen’s scholarly interests focus on technology law and its intersections with technology and privacy. During the last school year, she wrote “Fasten Your Seatbelts, We’re Encountering Turbulence: The Legal Implications of Biometric Scanning at U.S. Airports,” which placed second in Berkeley’s Technology Law Journal competition. Earlier this academic year, she was chosen to receive one of the Women & Hi Tech Corporate Law Scholarships for the 2019-2020 academic year.

For the Visionary Scholarship, Christensen wrote about the right to trial by jury.

“I wrote about something that mattered to me — the right to trial by jury — and the writing flowed naturally. I didn’t anticipate being selected but am endlessly grateful for the recognition,” Christensen said.

She is spending the spring semester in Notre Dame Law School’s Chicago Externship program, where she is working for Votuv, an IT consulting company. After graduation, she will sit for the Illinois bar exam, and then begin a master’s program in information security.