3L Jakim Aaron wins Black Excellence Award from Notre Dame Student Government

Author: Doerr, Sarah

ND Law 3L Jakim Aaron standing in a black suit with red bow tie holding flowers and a certificate for the Black Excellence Award
3L Jakim Aaron wins Black Excellence Award from Notre Dame Student Government

Third-year Notre Dame Law School student Jakim Aaron was recently recognized with a Black Excellence Award at the university’s second annual Black Excellence Dinner. The award, given by the Notre Dame Student Government in conjunction with the Black Student Association, celebrates outstanding students who embody the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and display high standards of professionalism, leadership, and achievement in the Notre Dame community and beyond.

“Receiving the Notre Dame Black Excellence Graduate & Professional Student Award has been an incredibly humbling experience. Throughout my tenure at Notre Dame Law School, it has been a true privilege to contribute to the empowerment of the Black community within the Law School,” said Aaron. “Discovering that our efforts have resonated beyond the Law School and positively impacted the broader Black community at Notre Dame is both encouraging and profoundly inspiring. As I reflect on this esteemed honor, it fortifies my unwavering commitment to remain a dedicated advocate for equity, inclusivity, and the perpetual pursuit of positive change.”

In addition to the high level of academic aptitude and professionalism he displays in the classroom, Aaron acts as the Midwest regional director of corporate relations for the National Black Law Students Association, is president emeritus of the Black Law Students Association, holds a fellowship with the Law School’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and serves on the Student Bar Association Diversity and Inclusion Committee.