A Teach-In in Solidarity with Ukraine


Location: 3140 Eck Hall of Law

A Teach In In Solidarity With Ukraine

Join Professor Mary Ellen O'Connell, Professor Diane Desierto and Professor Luigi Crema in conversation with colleagues at Ukrainian Catholic University, including Professor Svitlana Khyliuk, a Visiting Scholar at Notre Dame Law School in Fall 2022.

We will stand in solidarity with law students and professors at Ukranian Catholic University in light of Russia's current invasion of Ukraine and discuss the role of international law in the current crisis.

Five Actions for Ukraine

Professor O'Connell presented these "Five Actions for Ukraine" at the end of the event.

  1. Pray: Pope Francis invited us to pray the Our Father for peace in Ukraine.
  2. Donate: Give what you can to a trusted organization, such as Catholic Relief Services or the International Committee of the Red Cross.
  3. Connect: Provide support through social media.
  4. Cut fossil fuel use: Car pool, use the bus, walk, ride a bike, lower the heat.
  5. Learn and respect the law and facts.