Faith-Based Schools in Latin America: Challenges, Regulation, and Funding


Location: Via Zoom

Join us for a roundtable on faith-based schools in Latin America featuring lawyers and legal scholars from six national contexts who will discuss current challenges facing faith-based schools in their nations, the legal rules governing their operation, and the government funding available (if any) to them.

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Participants include:
Rodrigo Vitorino Souza Alves, Professor of Law at the Law School, Unviersidade Federal Uberlandia and Director of the Centre for Law and Religion Studies (Brazil)
Marcelo Bartolini Esparza, Director, Articulo 18 (Mexico)  
Ana María Celis, Director Centro UC Derecho y Religión, Law School, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Juan Gregorio Navarro Floria, Professor, Law School, Universidad Católica de Argentina
Raquel Sarria Acosta, Professor Law School, Universidad de La Sabana (Colombia)
Luis Adolfo Tórrez Sanjinés sdb, Director Nacional de Escuelas Populares Don Bosco (Bolivia)

Co-sponsored by the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile